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There's no better way to see Tasmania than by bike

People enjoy visiting Sydney for its bustling nightlife, they go to Melbourne to take in arts and culture and they hit up Perth for a remote vacation on the beach. But when it comes to Tasmania, travellers are keen to take in the beautiful scenery that the state is known for. There's no better way for you and a group of pals to enjoy all that Tassie has to offer than by taking part in a cycling tour. Here are a couple routes you should consider on your next trip to this spectacular region of Australia.

Hobart's Battery Point

Hobart is a gorgeous city, and it's not too difficult to bike around. Battery Point, which is accessible right from the main area of Hobart, provides you with the opportunity to ride through historic streets that date back to the capital's earliest days. This is an excellent ride for those who like to take it easier and have a relaxing time while they cruise the streets of Hobart. You'll have plenty of opportunities to stop for a snack or coffee during your leisurely tour.

Tasman Peninsula

If you want to take in breathtaking natural scenery on your bike ride, then you can't beat the Tasman Peninsula. This region, connected to the rest of Tasmania by the narrow Eaglehawk Neck, features 250 kilometres of coastline that will leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Be sure to visit the ruins of Port Arthur, which will let you take a peek into the fascinating past of Tasmania. The biking on the Tasman Peninsula may be a little more challenging, and a mountain bike is definitely recommended. If you get tired, park your bikes and take off on a cruise along the coast, which will still afford you plenty of photo opportunities.

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