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Take a romantic trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Aquariums and beaches are known to be beautiful wedding and proposal venues - so what could be more romantic than a trip to the Great Barrier Reef with your sweetheart? This awe-inspiring wonder of the natural world will leave you and your partner breathless and astonished by the bounty of nature. If you're planning a holiday in Australia, don't miss this incredible destination. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a trip to this aquatic wonderland - and we've got plenty of advice for how to do it right.

Why see the Great Barrier Reef?

Reefs aren't bodies of land or collections of plants - they are living things! This fascinating organism lives in harmony with its surrounding oceanic environment, providing habitat for myriad fish species, as well as birds and animals. The GBR is home to an astonishing 1,625 species of fish, 630 species of echinoderm (creatures like the sea urchin and starfish), 215 species of bird and 3,000 species of shellfish … and we haven't even mentioned mammals yet. There are more than 30 species of dolphins and whales that call the Great Barrier Reef home.

The GBR's biodiversity makes it an important component of life on earth. In addition to maintaining the natural balance of our planet, biodiversity may some day present us with clues as to how to cure some of humanity's most pressing problems.

This particular reef is so large, it is the only living creature that can be seen from space. At 2,000km, It is larger than the Great Wall of China, and bigger than Victoria and Tasmania combined.

The GBR's stunning biodiversity, incredible size and plethora of colourful marine species make it a must-see for any couple. The better question is: Why not see the Great Barrier Reef?

Challenges facing the Reef

According to the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report, climate change is a major threat to this natural wonder. A warming trend is projected to cause a greater number of severe storms, which could significantly impact the reef. Water temperatures are also expected to rise, which may negatively affect the health of the reef and cause uninhabitable living conditions for both the coral and the many species with which it has symbiotic relationships. Finally, ocean acidification threatens to impact the reef's environment.

Tips for your GBR trip

There are many different ways to see the Great Barrier Reef, and you should choose your adventure depending on your personal preferences. You can discover a variety of operators by visiting the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's website. Some options include aircraft tours, self-sail boats, cruise ships, day tours, diving charters, ferries and yachts. If you're looking for something really romantic, try one of these ideas:

Sunset kayak paddle: Hamilton Island tours offers a romantic sunset kayak tour that is perfect for lovers. You and your partner will paddle from the Hamilton Island Marina around the reef, and will be treated to a glass of sparkling wine each. You can sip on bubbly and gaze out at the Reef as the sun sets.

Sailing yacht: Charter a yacht and set sail with your loved one. There are many different vendors from which to choose on the Marine Park Authority's list of high-standard operators. Charter Yachts Australia, for example, offers an array of elegant vessels for your romantic encounter.

Diving tours: If you and your partner are adventurous types, take a full diving tour. Diving will allow you to enjoy the GBR from the perspective of its aquatic residents. You'll need to be certified to dive, of course - but if you are, the adventure will prove well worth the investment.

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