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Sydney's Hidden Cocktail Bars

Sydney has an amazing cocktail scene, but if you head out on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll likely find yourself waiting in line or spilling your martini all over yourself as you're jostled by the crowd. Fortunately, we've discovered some of the best hidden bars in Sydney, and they'll be the perfect date spots for your next getaway to the city.

Palmer & Co

"Speakeasies", the term used to refer to secret bars during the US' prohibition era, have been gaining popularity in Sydney over the past few years, so you'll find quite a few of these 1920s-themed bars - provided you know where to look.

Palmer & Co is one of the newer speakeasies, tucked away behind the popular bar Establishment in the CBD. The bar takes its theme seriously - wait staff wear flapper dresses and suspenders, and you'll even be issued a warning to keep quiet about the bar when you arrive. You may have trouble finding it, but here's a tip - look for Abercrombie Lane.

Soda Factory

This one is a little more well-known, but because it's somewhat hard to find, there is usually plenty of room inside. The American-themed bar, located on Wentworth Avenue in Surry Hills, is only denoted by a cartoon sign of a hot dog and maybe a velvet rope.

You'll have to open up a door disguised as a soda machine to get inside, but once you do, you'll be delighted by the friendly staff, awesome live music and delicious foods. Be sure to visit on a Tuesday night - you won't be able to beat the $1 hot dogs on sale.

Sticky Bar

This location is arguably the hardest to find, but it's so small and intimate, you should give it a shot if you are looking for a great and fun date location. The bar is located above the Surry Hills restaurant Table for 20, but to get there, you'll have to head to a nondescript door on nearby Campbell Street. There, you'll find a note with a phone number. Text that number, and you just might get a password that lets you in.

We've got you covered with more great Sydney bars and restaurants in the Sydney City guide.

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