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Sally Fitzgibbons' Guide to Healthy Eating in Sydney

Stay healthy and nourish your body when you’re in Sydney with these recommendations and tips from pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons.

My career can be very demanding in terms of dietary requirements and training needs. When I’m on the go, it’s all about sticking to my routine whenever I can, and working with what I’ve got the rest of the time!

I have a strict diet consisting of fruit, vegetables and quality proteins. Being Lactose intolerant has its challenges when travelling, especially with different cultures and language barriers but you get used to it super quickly and I just take meals on face value. Generally, I try to stay in accommodation that has a kitchen so I can cook my own food when possible.
Most, if not all, of my meals includes fresh vegetables and fruit. I always make sure I have healthy snacks at hand, like raw veggies, fruit, or Blue Dinosaur bars if I’m really in a hurry! It’s important for me to keep it as simple and as natural as possible when it comes to nutrition and fuelling my body the right way, wherever I find myself at the time. 

4 Healthy dining spots I love in Sydney

1. Dolce Terra – 5-7 Raglan Street, Manly
This salad and smoothie bar in the heart of Manly is one of my favourite places for breakfast, snacks, lunch and everything in between! There is such a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit available, with warm and cold options, as well as coffees, smoothies and juices. 
Every day is different, but the chefs keep it interesting and always manage to mix it up with superfoods in their salads and soups. Great value, great food! 
2. InBalance menu at any Novotel
I love the feeling of a home away from home that Novotel give me. I have everything I need from gym space, pool sessions for training and recovery and great space in room to stretch, train and relax. 
It’s an honour to be the ambassador for the Novotel InBalance program, encouraging guests to have a great stay and look after themselves so they can feel refreshed, healthy and energised. The Novotel team and I are constantly bringing out new additions to the program. 
My personal favourite is working on the healthy choice menu items with the chefs. It’s amazing coming home after a big training session or long day in the office to epic food. I love the grilled salmon and watermelon dish at the moment. Tasty and refreshing! 
3. Boathouse Shelly Beach – 1 Marine Parade, Manly
My business is based on the northern beaches of Sydney, so some of my favourite places to eat are (luckily!) right by the ocean. The Boathouse at Shelly is the perfect combination of seaside eatery, relaxed vibes and amazing, healthy food. The summer salad has sweet potato, kale, quinoa (all the good stuff) with, my favourite – pomegranate seeds and smoked salmon. 
4. Grounds of Alexandria – Building 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria
Whenever I venture into Sydney, The Grounds of Alexandria is a special treat. First off, they have several venues within the grounds to suit everyone’s eating preferences. Second, the petting zoo and miniature farm has its very own ‘Kevin Bacon’ the pig, and it makes for great entertainment with the kids (and the adults too!). Try the Grilled Mooloolaba swordfish; it comes with the most delicious mushroom and bonito broth, with baby leaks and turnips. Yum! 

Family friendly eats

Barzura – 62 Carr Street, Coogee
This restaurant by the ocean and is a great place to go if you have kids. The variety on the Barzura menu caters to everyone, and the sunny terrace makes for a great place to get some sun and watch the surf. 
Sydney Fish Market
The Fish Market in Pyrmont have the freshest seafood, and it doubles as a great field trip too! There’s a behind the scenes tour of the market, some restaurants along the pier and space for a picnic on the outdoor deck. 
The Newport 
The best way to describe The Newport is that it’s like a giant playground, for kids and adults! You’ll find several outdoor kitchens and a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy the live music. I recommend the seared salmon salad!
Aside from the InBalance menu, you’ll also find a great selection of kid friendly meals on the children’s menu. Nutritionally balanced and delicious dishes are sure to please, with fresh ingredients to fuel growing little bodies. 

Healthy eating on the go

When you’re travelling and on the move, it can be tough to resist the temptation of fried foods, or a hearty bowl of pasta in creamy sauce. Knowing how to balance the good and bad can be tricky, but with practice comes perfection. As a general rule, stick to grilled or baked proteins (such as chicken or fish) with lots of greens and a salad. 
6 Tips for eating out:
  • - Never go out on an empty stomach.
  • - Check the menu beforehand so you know what to expect.
  • - Avoid filling up with the bread basket.
  • - Avoid heavy or creamy sauces which can be hiding sugar and all sorts of additives you’d usually steer clear of.
  • - Ask for salad dressing on the side so that you can control the quantity you’re eating.
  • - Request salad or vegetables as a side instead of chips or rice.  

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