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Romantic walks in Sydney

Is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend with your lover and there's no better way to relax than to take a stroll around the beautiful city. There are many beautiful walks available in the NSW capital, passing by the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Millers Point to Bondi Beach - and more!Here's a round-up of some of the best places to stroll with your other half.

Harbour Circle Walk

The Harbour Bridge is a landmark that's not only famous in Sydney, but all over the world.

The Harbour Circle Walk is 26 kilometres long, however many optional loops can take you all over the city, providing an extra 45 kilometres of walking track.

You'll be wowed by the sights - from the expanse of water in the harbour dotted with tiny islands to the urban skyline that's juxtaposed against lush bush in the city.

You'll traverse the foreshore as well and find your way along old streets dripping in history.

You can complete as much or as little of the walk as you please. Many find it easy to complete the walk over a few hours at a time and connect each part with public transport.

North Head Sanctuary

Manly's North Head Sanctuary is a magical spot that will send sparks flying between you and your other half.

The looming Fairfax Lookout is a majestic piece of headland that will take your breath away as you gaze toward the city.

Best of of all, it's only 11 kilometres from Sydney's centre. So though you'll feel like you're a world away, heading back into town for a meal or a drink will take no time at all.

You can access this beautiful spot from Manly, which is north of the CBD. Once you get there, the Gunners' Walk is a popular trek and takes two hours at the most.

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