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Planning the Perfect Second Honeymoon

Whether it's your third anniversary or your 30th, you deserve a second honeymoon. This is a great way for couples to spend some time alone, reignite a spark in their marriage and show each other how strong their bond still is. Here are a few ideas for a perfect second honeymoon that will leave you with lots of loving memories.

Start it off with a ceremony

Before you can have a honeymoon, you have to have a wedding! This holds true even for second honeymoons, though you don't need to rack up a huge bill and include everyone you know on the guest list this time around.

Instead, have a small ceremony - maybe with a few friends and family, or perhaps just the two of you. Get dressed up if you like, but mostly, focus on each other and talk about your relationship and all the positive changes it has brought to your life.

Reaffirming your love like this will put you in the mood for a romantic and exciting escape!

The planning stage

It's essential that you and your spouse plan every step of the second honeymoon together. From the hotel to the flights to the restaurants you eat at, both of you should have equal input into what your second honeymoon will be like.

Of course, as a couple, you should know how to negotiate. If one partner insists on a day spent shopping but the other isn't too keen on a buying spree, make sure the following day you do something the non-shopper enjoys. Aim to make the majority of your activities something both of you will thoroughly enjoy.

Honeymoon 2.0

Was your first honeymoon everything you wanted it to be? Then consider reliving it a second time around. You and your sweetheart can do your best to recreate the holiday you had shortly after your wedding.

Book the same hotel, visit the same restaurants and partake in the same activities - with a few new ones along the way to create some fresh memories. A fun thing you can do is bring your photo album with you and recreate some of your old snaps. Your friends and family will have fun comparing pictures of you two today and those from yesteryear.

Making improvements

Not all honeymoons go off without a hitch. If your newlywed honeymoon was rained out or you experienced some other disaster, now is the time to have a do-over.

For example, if the hotel you stayed in as newlyweds was less than stellar, now is the time to splurge on luxury accommodation in Melbourne, Perth or wherever it is you plan to have your second honeymoon.

If you weren't able to afford the holiday of your dreams as newlyweds, now that you've grown your career a bit, you might have the wiggle room in your budget to go all out and visit that destination you've always dreamed of.

Make it about you

If you and your partner now have children, you may be tempted to bring the little ones along. After all, family vacations can be a blast.

However, this is a special moment for you to share with one another, and kids might serve as a distraction. Treat yourself to some "adult time" and leave the kids at home with a sitter, family member or nanny.

Of course, you'll still want to bring back a few token gifts for the kids so they don't feel completely left out!

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