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Bali family holidays: Kid-friendly activities to keep the whole family happy

Planning a family trip to Bali and need some tips?

From water parks and monkey forests to cooking classes and bike rides – there is plenty to keep Anak-Anak (children in Indonesian) and big kids entertained for the whole holiday.

Waterbom Park

Kids can get kind of cranky in the Bali heat & humidity, cool them down with a splashing good day at the Waterbom Park. Packed with 22 rides and attractions this park has enough to keep big and little kids entertained for a whole day. Let the kids run wild on the waterslides, water games, tropical gardens and pools. Join them for a splashing good time or take advantage of the swimming pool with swim-up bar where you can relax, eat and drink. We recommend trying the Climax or Smashdown 2.0 slides for an adrenaline-pumping experience or try the Lazy River for chilled out tubing. 
Where to eat: There are plenty of places to eat inside the park including cafes, restaurants and even churros and gelato stands. If nothing inside the park tickles your fancy, your park pass lets you come and go as you please, so you are free to leave for lunch and then pop back in afterwards. 
Bathrooms: The Park is scattered with toilets, to help prevent a “Code Brown”, in the pool.

Sacred Monkey Forest

Monkeys here, monkeys there, monkeys everywhere! Nestled in the middle of Ubud, under a tropical canopy of foliage lies a mission of over 600 cheeky long-tailed Macaque monkeys. 
If you think your cheeky monkeys are a handful, just wait until you see these ones! These monkeys are far from shy – especially when food is involved. Anything you bring in such as bags, sunglasses, camera and especially bananas will be snatched before you even realise. If you’re not keen on being used as a climbing post, it’s a good idea to enjoy the monkeys from a safe distance and remind children about the unpredictability of wild animals. 
Where to eat: We would typically recommend bringing snacks, but this activity makes that option a no-no. Luckily, just outside each of the park’s entrances lies a plethora of dining options including informal eateries, in addition to more upscale restaurants. 
Bathrooms: at the bottom of Monkey Forest Road between the two main entrances are pay-to-enter toilets. However, facilities are quite basic, so using a café’s facilities is a better idea. 

Cooking Classes

If your kids love to dominate your kitchen at home, then channel their inner Jamie Oliver at a Balinese cooking class. You can book your little ones into a kids-only cooking class or sign your whole family up for a class. Most classes begin in the local markets where you’ll shop for ingredients, giving you a real taste of Bali. Once back at the class’s HQ, you’ll learn to nail your nasi goreng and spice up your spring rolls with tips and instructions from a local Balinese chef.  
Most cooking classes are kid-friendly and if you give them notice, can organise meals that are suitable for kids. If you’re staying in Ubud then Ketut’s Balinese Cooking Class and Lobong Culinary Experience are great options for families. Bamboo Shoots Cooking School in Sanur is another option that is much loved by families due to its laid-back classes and friendly, accommodating staff. 
Where to eat: Luckily, you get to taste your creations after your class.
Bathrooms: Most cooking classes have toilet facilities. 

Haggle at Markets

Taking your kids to the local Balinese markets is a great way to expose them to a more authentic side of Bali. Wander through some fresh food markets and test your kids’ senses in the fish section, why not pick out a few unusual, tropical fruits to snack on too as your amble through. Plan to have a few meals in the markets as well. The kids will love the informal outdoor seating and most places will cater to even the fussiest eaters. 
Most markets let you haggle for prices, so give your kids 1000,000Rp (for their pocket money) and let 'em loose. Market vendors will love watching the kids try to bargain, and nothing is too loud for a Balinese market. Kuta Art Market and Ubud Traditional Art market are best for knick-knacks and knock-offs. If you’re wanting to head out after dark, then Sanur Night Market and Taman Sari Market (Seminyak) are great options. 
It’s important to remember safety in the markets, unfortunately, pickpockets are everywhere and your little explorers will be devastated if they lose their pocket money before they can spend it. Be sure to chat with your kids about staying close and holding onto their things. 
Where to eat: Markets are teaming with fresh food and traditional snacks – remember to always use hand sanitiser before you eat to avoid the dreaded “Bali belly”. 
Bathrooms: You’ll be hard struck to find a bathroom in these markets. Make sure your little ones go beforehand or try to use the facilities of a close by restaurants or café. 

Yoga Class

If your little ones are in need of some downtime, then a yoga class could do the trick. Ubud is the home of yoga and most classes will accommodate kids if you let them know in advance. However, if you’re looking for a class where your little monkey won’t get bored and distract the whole class (it’s hard to find your chi with a rampant child running around) then Ubud Yoga Centre is the answer to your prayers. FlyHighYoga™, Pilates and Meditation for kids runs every day Saturday morning, teaching kids the basics of yoga and Pilates, all while having fun. The class ends with a quiet meditation session, so your little one will be returned to you, completely chilled.
Where to eat: Most classes run in the mornings so we recommend eating breakfast beforehand to avoid embarrassing tummy grumbles during mediation time.
Bathrooms: Most studios have their own facilities. 

Family Bike Ride

Are your little ones getting restless after a few days chilling by the pool? A bike ride through Ubud’s rice terraces is sure to tire them out. Most tours include hotel pick up and drop off (from all over Bali), along with breakfast and lunch. On your tour, you’ll get to ride through terraced ride paddies in the fresh Ubud air while stopping at local homesteads and meandering through scattered villages. It’s a great way to slow things down and really enjoy the day’s activity. The kids will love getting their own bikes and racing each other along the paths. Most tour companies cater to families, offering kids bikes and toddler seats. The great thing is, you get the set the pace of the tour, so there is no such thing as “falling behind”. Bali Breeze Tours, Banyan Tree Bike Tours and Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours all offer family and kid-friendly experiences, so you’re sure to not be the only family on the tour. 
Where to eat: Breakfast and lunch are provided on most tours but you might want to bring some kid-friendly snacks as most tours run for the whole day. 
Bathrooms: Toilet breaks will be pretty infrequent during the ride so make sure everyone goes before the cycling begins.

When you’re travelling with kids you need a hotel that meets your needs. Whether you want adjoining rooms, a cool kids club on a great swimming pool the whole family can enjoy, Accor can help you find the right hotel from your next trip to Bali.  Book your Bali family accommodation now. 
Accor is celebrating 25 years in Indonesia this year and there has never been a better time to explore this fascinating country. Book a stay in Bali or Lombok, and we'll treat you to breakfast + lunch or dinner, as well as complimentary airport pick-up*.

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