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Keeping Kids Happy While Travelling

Some parents dread travelling with their kids. Though holidays spent at the beach or exploring a new city can be fun with the young ones in tow, the process of getting to your destination can be nightmarish. Here are a few tips to make travelling easier on everyone in the family.

Lay out the plan

Kids sometimes have a hard time conceptualising what travel is going to be like, so thoroughly explaining your itinerary before you leave can go a long way.

Instead of telling kids that you will be on a plane for four hours, for example, tell them how many episodes of their favourite TV show they could watch in this time. This will be easier for them to understand, and it will keep them from asking that dreaded question: "Are we there yet?"

Use treats to mark milestones

If you give your kids something to look forward to while you're in transit, you'll have a much easier time keeping them busy.

For example, on car rides, you can offer your kids a lollie or small toy for every hour they spend sitting quietly in their seats. You can also pass out treats for every time you cross a new state or reach a new destination if you have several planned on the trip.

Get their input

Though the primary planning and organising of your vacation will be up to you and other adults on the trip, it doesn't hurt to let kids have their say, too. Before you finalise your plans, sit down and ask the youngsters in the family if there's anything they'd really like to see.

Finding a way to include a few attractions that were on the kids' priorities list will make them feel more included and happier as you travel.

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