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Have you grabbed tickets to King Kong?

King Kong is coming to Melbourne, so be sure to nab some tickets to this theatre spectacular! The Herald Sun has dubbed the performance "an eye-popping spectacle" worthy of four stars, while The Age calls it "mind-blowing".

The show is exclusive to the Victorian capital and runs until February 16, with a cast over 50 people strong. Audience members will be swept away with the impressive storytelling and elaborate stage design. The story is set in 1933, with starlet Ann Darrow joining film maker Carl Denham on an adventure to the creepily-named Skull Island. It's here that Denham plans to discover King Kong, known as the eighth wonder of the world, along with his film crew. Many will know of the tale of this great beast with a soft heart, given the numerous movie remakes that have graced screens since the 1933 original. However, that doesn't make this story of adventure, romance and drama any less captivating. In fact, it may be even more gripping and emotional on the stage, with the action unfolding before your very eyes. Puppetry and animation merge seamlessly with stunning acting, making this multi-million dollar musical theatre production one not to miss. It's co-produced by Gerry Ryan and Carmen Pavlovic. Mr Ryan is an entrepreneur who hails from Melbourne and has experience in the entertainment, property, leisure and tourism industries, while Ms Pavlovic has had significant experience with theatre companies and the media industry. She's presently the CEO of Global Creatures, a global entertainment group famous for productions such as 'How To Train Your Dragon' and 'Walking With Dinosaurs'. Catch the story of King Kong at Melbourne's Regent Theatre from now until February 16!

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