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A chocolate lover's dream

in Geneva - Switzerland

In search of a breath of fresh air, you pop over to Geneva to enjoy the uninterrupted views over the summits of Mount Blanc and some city exploring on foot, by bike or by boat. The highlight of this destination? Chocolate shops to die for, which make Geneva the perfect city to satisfy the senses... Yes, every single one of them!

100% Cacao breakfast

8 a.m.: A 100% Cacao breakfast

How can you resist the temptation of a little treat from Martel Chocolate Shop to get the day started comme il faut? Comfortably settled in the Tea Room of this chocolaterie dating back to 1818, you literally melt with pleasure. The creaminess of the handmade chocolate and mini croissants tantalise your tastebuds. And your Geneva getaway is only just beginning!
english garden

9 a.m.: Gentle post-breakfast walk in the english garden

Now that you've had breakfast, your eyes are ready for an equally delectable visual feast. You will find all the colours of the rainbow during your post-breakfast walk in the English Garden. You savour the panoramas over Lake Geneva, the cottage-style floral decorations and the fountains which give the park its well-deserved reputation. Take a moment to adjust to Swiss time... and synchronise your watch to the famous floral clock!
Helvétique market

11 a.m.: Helvétique market

The Halle de la Rive houses the Helvétique Market, the largest farmers market in Geneva. As you wander amongst the stands selling flowers, fresh produce and local cheeses, your senses awaken, one by one. It's so great to mix with the locals during your Geneva holiday!
place du bourg du four

12:30 p.m.: Have a lunch on a terrace overlooking the place du bourg du four

You find yourself immersed in the heart of the city for some downtime during your Geneva getaway. Here in the Place du Bourg-du-Four is where the history of the town is most noticeable. Around the square, the Palace of Justice and the buildings of the 16th and 18th centuries provide a marvellous display of architectural mastery. Delighted by the décor, you succumb to the temptation of a leisurely lunch on one of the numerous terraces in the Square.
 Patek Philippe museum

2:30 p.m.: Discover the secrets of swiss watchmaking at the Patek Philippe museum

You are inside the elegant Patek Philippe Museum about to uncover the secrets of Swiss watchmaking. Watch as no fewer than five centuries of clock art pass before your eyes. Watches, musical boxes, enamel art collections and mini portraits top off the museum section of your Geneva trip.
famous chocolate shop

5 p.m.: In the heart of a famous chocolate shop

You now have proof that chocolate is the sweetest drug in the world! During a guided tour and chocolate workshop at the famous Favarger Chocolate Factory, you discover the secret chocolate recipes passed down through generations. Won over by the house specialties created using 100% natural ingredients, you are sure to bring home some sweet souvenirs of your weekend in Geneva.

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