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Gastronomical getaway at Sydney’s affordable hatted restaurants

So you’re in Australia’s most famous city Sydney

While your eyes feast on the curved lines of the Sydney Opera House sails, Sydney Harbour Bridge and other famous monuments, your wanderings through city streets has worked up an apetite for a gastronomical feast. You have a taste for well priced but beautifully presented fine food made with first-rate ingredients that marry delicious flavours. You’re in search of Sydney’s famous “hatted” restaurants. The ones awarded the chef’s hat of excellence for their exquisite food. With 408 restaurants country- wide awarded in 2017 alone, you’re spoilt for choice in Sydney’s selection of affordable hatted restaurants and bars.

sydney asian cuisine

Asian cuisine at its best at Mr Wong

You follow the waiter across the footworn timber floorboards and are directed to a dimly lit table in the corner. Perching upon the bamboo-framed chair, you take in the classic Chinese influences of the restaurant. Porcelain urns and trinkets decorate the shelves beside you and the walls are lined with decorative hand-fans and hand-painted portraits of oriental women. The slow-turning ceiling fans waft flavours from the open kitchen in your direction. You peruse the Cantonese-style menu which features over sixty dishes and a diverse selection of dim sum. You opt for the sweet and sour crispy pork hock, a steal at $29 and order the Donghu Lake cocktail while you wait: Mr Wong's renowned lychee sorbet, made with Plymouth gin, fresh lemon juice, blue curaçao, a splash of rose water and garnished with a rose petal. Delicious.
sydney italian restaurant

It’s 10/10 for 10 William Street

You’ve been told that what this small Italian joint lacks in space, it more than makes up for in flavour. 10 William Street’s rustic Italian ambience has given you a taste for the Italian countryside and with a simple, affordable menu that adapts to the seasons, it doesn’t disappoint. You order a side of freshly baked focaccia and an Aperol spritz while you wait for your slow-roasted persimmon with ricotta and pangrattato Italian breadcrumb topping. Your tastebuds are transported to Italy’s deep south, perhaps as far as Sicily! The deep, muted reds of roasted vine tomatoes contrast with the vibrant greens of fresh salads and complement the sparkling orange of another Aperol spritz. You tell yourself, at such affordable prices, why not?
sydney late restaurant cocktails

The Iconic Tastes of Europe at The Paddington

You’re in search of a place with an unpretentious menu that’s open late. Sydney’s least expensive hatted restaurant, The Paddington, welcomes you with open arms. Pub grub meets cocktail bar, The Paddington doesn’t disappoint in catering to both easy-going and refined palates. From the upper level, you glance down at the open kitchen below. A waitress arrives with the cold beer you ordered and you ask for the roast pumpkin dish with brown butter, sage, hazelnut and ricotta. A perfect place for people-watching and catching the latest game, The Paddington is a melting-pot for all echelons of taste.
sydney wine meat restaurant

Affordable fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, that’s the goal at Monopole

You’re up for a casual evening in the company of friends who have a particular penchant for good wine. With a wine-list that exceeds over 500 bottles and an equally mouthwatering menu, you’re sure Monopole won’t fail to impress. Glancing at the cured meats hanging from the ceiling, you ask for a large sharing platter of thinly sliced charcuterie and a bottle of Malbec and spend the evening sharing bread, Argentina’s finest reds and lively conversation all within the award-winning confines designed by acclaimed Melbourne architect Pascale Gomes-McNabb.
sydney desserts sweets

Just desserts, welcome to KOI

You have a sweet tooth and word has it that KOI are suitably prepared to satisfy it. Admiring the all-glass facade of the two-storey restaurant and bar, your eyes are quickly drawn to row upon row of glazed confections and delicately decorated sweets. Suitably tantalised, you order a liquid tiramisu to start as you await your four-course all-dessert menu. A Watermelon granita starter with mandarin, strawberry balsamic and mint sherbet is swiftly followed by pistachio mousse and sponge with caramel gel and white chocolate matcha dulce cremeux. A caramelised brioche with peanut butter ensues and the sugary foursome concludes with a passion fruit curd with pineapple sorbet, mango creme and kaffir lime meringue. Those with a sweet tooth get their just desserts at KOI.

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