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Frugal romance: Tips for a budget-friendly honeymoon

If you and the apple of your eye have recently tied the knot (or are planning to soon), you're probably hoping to take a honeymoon trip to commemorate the experience and enjoy your first few days as a married couple. Traditionally, new spouses jet off to a romantic destination within a few days of their wedding ceremony, and spend a week or so lounging at an exotic beach resort or hidden away in a cozy cabin. If you're a budget-minded couple, though, these honeymoon ideas might not be affordable. Here are a few ideas for affordable honeymoon that's as practical as it is romantic

Take a staycation

Airfare is often one of the biggest expenses for any holiday trip, so eliminating that burden can make a big dent in your out-of-pocket expenses. Take a week's leave from work and experience your city with fresh (newly-married!) eyes. Make reservations at some of the hottest restaurants around, get tickets to a show, drink wine on the balcony during twilight, and go out on the town together like you did when you were first dating. What makes trips romantic is being in a new and refreshing situation with your partner - create this sensation near home to get all the feelings without the hefty bill.

If budget does permit, consider scoring a romantic holiday accommodation in a new neighbourhood of your city. You'll still be saving on airfare while getting that quintessential holiday vibe.

Go away for the weekend

Weekend escapes have long been the stuff of lovers, so why not enjoy one of these romantic trips with your new spouse? Even a few days away will satisfy that newlywed desire to be together and bask in your new status as a married couple. In fact, a weekend away can often be even more romantic than a week-long excursion. Because the time you'll spend together is shortened, your excitement can be heightened.

Cook in your hotel

Have you ever tried cooking a gourmet meal with your spouse? If not, you should. Turning on some light music, sipping on wine and working together to craft the perfect meal is not just fun, it can be very romantic and sensual. Try different foods, savour the aromas and flavours of your meal, and - best of all - save cash that you would otherwise spend on restaurant markups!

To accomplish this, seek out accommodations that have en suite kitchens. You may have to compromise on a few extras - hotels rarely have food processors or double ovens - so select recipes accordingly. What you'll save by eating in rather than dining out, you can spend on attractions, airfare or other aspects of your honeymoon.

Take your trip later

These days, more and more couples are paying for both their wedding and honeymoon. As such, delaying the honeymoon until a later date is growing in popularity. Forking over the cash required for both a wedding an an out-of-town trip at once can take a major toll on your savings, not to mention put you and your partner at risk of stress-induced fighting.

Many couples take their honeymoon a few months after their big day. Some even postpone it until their first anniversary, which can give you a romantic and exciting way to commemorate that special occasion. By doing so, you can save up your funds in the year post-wedding and, when the time is right, enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams. Besides, nothing's more romantic than scrimping and saving your pennies as newlyweds.

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