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Coming soon to Sydney: The Lion King

Looking for something fun to do with your kids the next time you take a trip to Sydney? Then you may want to book tickets for one of the most anticipated musical events coming up in the city - the return of The Lion King.

Return of the King

It's been eight years since this highly acclaimed musical has graced Sydney's theatre scene, so it's no surprise musical fanatics in Australia are getting quite excited to see its latest iteration.

The opening performance comes to the Capitol Theatre on December 6, and the show will be running for a solid eight months, giving you plenty of time to book a trip to Sydney to get in on the action.

About the show

What makes The Lion King so special? First off, it will be a huge hit among kids who are fans of the Disney performance. The show features the same beloved soundtrack, written by Elton John, and it tells the familiar story of Simba, Mufasa, Nala and the rest.

More than 70 million people worldwide have seen the show, which should be a testament to how popular it is. Julie Taymor, one of the most celebrated artists on Broadway, designed the costumes and directed the performance, winning a Tony for Best Direction in 1998, when the show was new to the musical theatre scene.

The leading role in the Sydney performance is taken on by Nick Afoa, a talented actor and singer from South Auckland, New Zealand. He's joined by Sydney native, Josh Quong Tart, who's playing the role of the villainous Scar; Josslynn Hlenti, an actress from South Africa who's playing Nala and Rob Collins of Darwin in the role of Mufasa.

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