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Brisbane's best dessert locations

Brisbane is one of Queensland's real gems, and is an exceptional place to enjoy a romantic getaway for two. Head away to the sunny city with your loved one and enjoy the sights, smells and sensations of the bustling hub - but don't forget to take the time to indulge in a delicious dessert or two. Nothing says true love like a perfectly cooked creme brulee or an exquisitely moist chocolate fudge cake. And if you can't ditch the diet on holiday, when can you? Thankfully, Brisbane has more decadent desserts than you can shake a stick at - here are some of the best.

Chocolate Pavillion

Southbank's Chocolate Pavillion is second to none when it comes to creamy, rich chocolate treats that you can enjoy in-house or takeaway. The store is devoted to sharing Belgian chocolate with Brisbane, and its menu of luscious desserts will leave your mouth watering. Treat your date to layered chocolate mousse with coconut cream, while you satisfy your sweet tooth with a oozing molten truffle cake. Fruit lovers are catered to with strawberry ripple cake, or you could keep things old-school with a fondue experience to rival anything from the 70s.  If you like your desserts with a bit of a kick, try the Old Fashion Match Up - a drink with a difference. Choose from rum, tequila, whisky or cognac stirred up with orange and sugar bitters, served with a delicious chocolate.

Freestyle Toute

Freestyle Toute claims to offer Brisbane's best desserts, and it's your mission to test out this statement. The initial Rosalie version of this venue began as a gallery and florist in 1996, complete with coffee and dessert. Over time, however, the reputation of this iconic dessert cafe has grown, and it's now an exceptional place to catch up for lunch, dinner, drinks and of course, desserts. Its Wicket Desserts menu is a great option for your date night, offering a glass of bubbles, dessert and coffee for the all inclusive price of $25. Alternatively, you and your partner can enjoy a high tea in the restaurant, with savoury bites, slices and petite cakes accompanies by tea or coffee and bubbles.

Max Brenner

It's hard to go past Max Brenner when it comes to desserts. With locations all across Australia, you may have been to one of the chocolate stalwart's branches before, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give the Brisbane location a try.  Head to the Little Stanley Street location to find yourself in chocolate heaven. Start with a concentrated chocolate shot to whet your appetite, then move on to an espresso and praline or salted caramel milkshake. There are also plenty of 'chocktails' and icy shakes to enjoy, so make sure you have plenty of room! Then move on to the desserts. The menu is extensive, featuring everything from strawberry and cream crepes and chocolate souffle through to more creative dishes like the chocolate pizza, consisting of melted chocolate, cornflakes, caramelised pecans, marshmallows and white chocolate drops.


Woolloongabba's Orawgi - which stands for organic, raw and low GI - is the ideal dessert destination for those watching their waistlines, or simply anyone looking for a healthy, nutritious but still delicious sweet treat. It uses locally sourced and fair trade products, avoiding artificial additives and harmful products. Come here for fresh, organic treats using raw ingredients, with sugar and gluten-free methods helping to look after your tummy.

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