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The Best Beaches in and Around Perth

For beach lovers, there are few greater holiday destinations than Perth. The city is sometimes described as remote, which means its shoreside hotspots will often be less crowded. What's more, the crystal blue waters and warm summer sun are ideal conditions for lounging all day in the sand and soaking up some rays while enjoying a good book (or cocktail). If you haven't visited Perth before, here are a few beaches that should be at the top of your list:

Perth City Beach

If you want the classic Perth shoreside experience, you can't go wrong with Perth City Beach. This destination has it all - a beautiful, uninterrupted view of the surf; fun waves to play in and plenty of barbecues and cafes to sate your appetite.

Monkey Mia

If you're travelling with kids, this beach may be the perfect choice. Because Monkey Mia is a bay, the surf is much gentler, which means youngsters can play in the water while Mum and Dad get some rest and relaxation on the sand.

The best part about Monkey Mia, however, are the special visitors who are regulars at the beach - a pod of friendly dolphins. They can be seen quite frequently, looking for handouts from tourists.

Be aware, however, that this beach is a bit of a drive from Perth, so if you don't have a car or are on a quick vacation, you may need to skip this one.

Cottesloe Beach

This is Perth's most famous beach, and it's likely to be a bit more hectic than the other two on our list. However, it does offer plenty to see and do, and the beach itself is still clean and gorgeous.

The cafes and restaurants lining the beach are some of the best in the city, so be sure you make time for a meal in between your sunbathing.

Want to learn more about what's great to do in Perth? Our Perth City Guide will show you the way.

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