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3 of the Best Family Breaks in Queensland

Queensland is packed with beautiful landscapes and wonderful wildlife. There are so many great spots for a family holiday in Queensland; here is a brief intro to three of our all-time favourites.

With stunning beaches, lush forests, dazzling oceans and activities aplenty, coastal Queensland and its islands are among the best family vacation destinations in Australia. If you’re looking for a good dose of Mother Nature and the great outdoors, these getaway locations are excellent places to start.


Whisk yourself and the kids away to this picturesque island just off the coast of Townsville. The ferry only takes 20 minutes and is a good opportunity to get the kids on the look-out for wildlife. The island is 70% national park, a tamed wilderness with plenty of tracks to explore. Don’t forget to look up the tree branches, as Magnetic Island is famous for its thriving koala population – always a hit with the kids.
To get around the island, mini mokes are available for hire. These little vehicles are heaps of fun to drive, and will have you nipping around the attractions with the wind in your hair. Magnetic Island was an important position during WWII, and the ruins along the Forts Walk are still standing just waiting for you to explore. 
To encounter some of the islands cutest critters, head down Armand Way and take a look at the rocks. Rock Wallabies inhabit this area. These little guys are very agile and super quick – just watch your picnic as they can also be a bit cheeky! 


Perched on the doorstep of Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland, Port Douglas is a popular location for all ages and a perfect spot for a family holiday. With the luxurious sands of 4 Mile Beach to the eastern side, the rainforests only a short drive away and plenty of activities off-shore too – there’s so much to do here. 
Some of the best family-friendly sites and activities to add to your itinerary include the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary that houses over 180 species of animals and insects, or a ride on the Bally Hooley steam train that passes through mangroves and prime croc habitat. Whichever family activities you choose, Port Douglas is a great location from which to explore.
You also cannot miss a visit to the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Mossman Gorge, nestled in the park’s south is a top pick, perfect for strolls through the rainforest and picnicking before a quick dip in the picturesque swimming hole. 
Port Douglas also has many boutique shops, cafes and restaurants so you can vacation in comfort with the whole family. 


At Palm Cove it’s sometimes the little things that make the sweetest memories. One popular pastime is going to the Palm Cove playground along the waterfront so the kids can let out some energy, make sandcastles together, play some beach cricket and wind up with some fish and chips overlooking the sea. 
If you’ve got a taste for heights, the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway gives panoramic views of the lush rainforest, dropping you off on the forest floor where the whole family can discover spectacular waterfalls.
If you’re a fan of Aussie critters, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures should make the list. It’s about halfway between Palm Cove and Port Douglas, so you could travel from either destination. Witness the hand feeding of giant crocs as they lunge straight from their watery depths to snatch their lunch. Feed the cassowary, a beautiful and deadly bird that wouldn’t look out of place in Jurassic Park, and visit the crocodile farm where the kids can learn about the conservation of these iconic reptiles. A Day out at Hartley’s is a must for families with a sense of adventure and a love of Aussie wildlife.

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