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Top 2020 Travel Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with our top travel predictions.

Whether you are looking for action and adventure, or a place to relax and rejuvenate, we’ve got the top destinations to visit in 2020 and the travel trends to expect this year.

Friends walking along bridge in the forest

Sustainable Travel

With ‘sustainability’ the buzzword of 2020, it’s no wonder that our holiday habits are reflecting this trend. In 2020 we can expect travellers to start steering away from choosing holiday destinations that require a flight, instead staying local and visiting cities, towns and regions that can be reached by car or train. There are plenty of great road trips to be enjoyed around Australia as well as day trips which are only a hop skip and jump away from the country’s capital cities. 
Travellers are also starting to opt for accommodation brands that are looking at being more mindful of their environmental impact. Whether its booking hotels which harness solar power or staying at accommodations which better manage their food waste – there are plenty of initiatives being taken by hotels around the country. Discover hotels in Australia doing sustainability right
Girl friends shopping on a Microcation


Ideal for time-poor millennials who want to travel but are limited due to family responsibilities, work responsibilities or lack of annual leave. These ‘tiny trips’ are typically only a few days long but allow for more frequent opportunities to unwind and recharge throughout the year. <o:p></o:p>

Australians are wanting to explore more destinations and become well-travelled, these Micro-cations allow for not only stress relief and a creative boost but also cultural expansion. These short yet experience-dense mini-vacations are also more annual leave-friendly, budget-friendly, and schedule-friendly. <o:p></o:p>

Family on holiday with pet

Travelling with pets

It’s no surprise that Australians love their pets as their own family, and 2020 travel trends reflect this strong relationship. In 2020 we can expect travellers to hunt out, not only just animal-friendly accommodation but also pooch-friendly activities and eateries while they are on holiday.

Pet owners want their furry friends to be treated appropriately with hotel amenities throughout their trip, and Accor has a range of accommodation that welcomes pets, treating them as another guest.


Man working on train during bleisue holiday

Bleisure Travel

Thanks to advances in technology such as 5G, video conferencing and Slack, workers are now able to operate more remotely than ever. This has led to the creation of Bleisure Travel whereby workers blend their work and holiday leisure time. This can be done by extending a work trip or simply working remotely while you are on holiday. Ideal for frugal travellers and time-poor millennials looking to maximise their time abroad, Bleisure Travel is becoming more and more widely accepted by employers.
Girl enjoying food while travelling

Culinary Trips

2020 will see travellers basing their next holiday on the culinary delights offered at the destination. Australians’ strong love of food will be driving their upcoming holiday plans with travellers choosing destinations that offer once-in-a-lifetime culinary experiences. 
From snagging a coveted reservation at one of the world’s top-tier fine dining restaurants to getting off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems packed with locals – travellers are seeking out homegrown flavours, wherever in the world they may be. Sometimes a great dining experience can come in the most unexpected places, from side of the road street food vendors to coffee shops nestled down hidden laneways, and even great hotel restaurants scattered around the country. 

Destinations Australians are visiting

Family enjoying theme park rides
Image credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Gold Coast

A school holiday favourite, the theme parks that line the Gold Coast bring families back year after year. From Sea World and Dreamworld to Wet’n’Wild and Warner Bros. Movie World, plus so many more – there is plenty to keep you busy all holiday long. 
Famed for its long sandy beaches offering great swimming and surfing opportunities and year-round sunshine and warm weather, the Gold Coast is also a popular choice for Aussies looking to escape the winter without enduring a long flight. Seeking an outdoor adventure? The Gold Coast’s hinterland is not to be missed – from Lamington National Park to Springbrook National Park there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had.
Boat cruising along clear water in Fiji


Nestled in the South Pacific, Fiji is another must-visit destination in 2020. With an unspoilt natural environment, Fiji emanates tranquillity. The friendly locals make visiting this network of islands a pleasure for travellers – along with crystal-clear beaches lined with palm trees, and a warm climate. 
A great destination for those wanting to hit the water, Fiji offers a range of outdoor activities. Explore the region’s lively coral reefs brimming with tropical fish, sail between the network of islands or even enjoy a round of golf at some of Fiji’s top courses. An excellent place to relax, unwind and rejuvenate through the year, your tropical holiday in Fiji awaits.  
Friends looking out across the ocean in Tasmania


While Tasmania may be Australia’s smallest state, it makes up for it in charm. Step off the Australian mainland and discover a world of uncharted beauty waiting to be discovered. Covered in state forests and natural parks bursting with native wildlife, Tasmania is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. 
The whole island can be covered in a weeklong action-packed road trip which takes you through  Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay and Cradle mountain – stopping at the island’s favourite cities; Launceston and Hobart
Tasmania’s bourgeoning foodie scene is also not to be missed – with chefs at the forefront of the paddock to plate movement you are sure to experience homegrown flavours at their best. Tasmania’s art & culture scene is another drawcard to the island, with Mona a local and international favourite showcasing interesting & provocative exhibits. 
Cottesloe Beach at sunset
Image credit: Tourism Western Australia


While Perth may be the most isolated capital city in the world, it is surrounded by natural beauty which stretches from the coastline to the outback. So why are so many Aussies making the trip to Western Australia’s capital city? Could it be because Perth’s beaches are unrivalled in beauty yet still uncrowded and crystal clean? Maybe it’s because Perth is the gateway to some of Western Australia’s most unique regions such as Margaret River? 
While some may think that Perth is only in the juvenile stage of its art and cultural scene, Perth Fringe Festival is third biggest in the world – only to be trumped by Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Adelaide Fringe Festival and a is a big summer drawcard for travellers.
Perth’s charm doesn’t end there – the city’s food and drink scene is also pretty incredible, with beach bars offering views over the ocean, cheap-eat vendors popping up throughout Northbridge & alternative eateries dotted around hippie Fremantle – there is something for every appetite.
Sydney Opera House
Image credit: Tourism Australia


The nation’s biggest and most-loved city unsurprisingly made the 2020 travel list. With its picture-perfect harbour, world-class beaches and calendar packed full of events such as Vivid, Sydney Mardi Gras and Sculptures by the Sea, it’s hard to find a reason not to visit Sydney. Loved by families looking for a city full of attractions to keep the kids (and the adults) happy, Sydney is the ideal playground for the school holidays. 
Couples looking to treat their partners (and themselves) flock to Sydney in search of luxurious accommodation and fine dining experiences – while backpackers head for coastal suburbs filled with cheap eats. No matter how you travel, Sydney is sure to welcome all.
Trending destinations defined using Accor booked destination growth data.
Have you ticked these travel trends and destinations off your travel list yet? Wherever your 2020 travel plans take you, Accor can be there every step of the way, offering personalised experiences tailored to your needs. With Accor Live Limitless now offering hotel bookings and restaurant reservations at spectacular destinations as well as unforgettable experiences, we’ll make your 2020 travel best the best yet! Book your Accor accommodation now. 

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