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12 Melbourne adventures

The Melbourne adventure begins!

From awe-inspiring vistas by land and sky to paying respects to Great War and its influence on Melbourne. There’s a Melbourne adventure to be had by all!

Melbourne breakfast

A breakfast fit for a king at seven:am

Your day begins bright and early and breakfast, being the most important meal of the day—especially for intrepid adventurers such as yourself—you head to seven:am. Exposed brick, great coffee and the ‘Emperor’ breakfast is the perfect combination to start the day.

A morning stroll along the Princes Pier

You head five minutes down to the bay to walk off those calories with a stroll along the Princes Pier. Feel the breeze on your face as you take in the magnificent vista. In the distance, you spot a local fisherman making his first catch of the morning before quickly losing it to a wily seabird.
Melbourne sky view

See Melbourne from the sky

You’ve been told the view of Melbourne from up high is not one to be missed, so you decide to take your adventure to the sky. And what better way to do it than in a hot air balloon? Only a few steps down the road on Wellington Parade, you take to the skies and look down upon the thriving cosmopolis and glittering coast.

Peruse the street art at Hosier Lane

Natural scenery isn’t all that Melbourne has to offer. You make your way to Hosier Lane where the streets themselves are a true work of art. You spot many of the city’s renowned street artists works projected onto the surrounding concrete canvas.
Melbourne state library victoria

Two Million Stories at the State Library of Victoria

You set aside a good couple of hours for the State Library of Victoria. With over two million books lining its shelves and a magnificent Domed Reading Room, the State Library of Victoria provides ample distraction for an avid bookworm amidst beautiful architecture. The State Library of Victoria is an adventure steeped in history and the Domed Reading Room, a landmark, is awe-inspiring. You gasp at the discovery that more than half of the library’s collection (one million books) is held in one octagonal space.

Discover the Royal Botanic Gardens

You’re decided. It’s time to add a touch of green to your Melbourne adventure at the Royal Botanic Gardens. At 260 years old, the garden is looking good for her age. With 36 hectares of rollings lawns and serene lakes, the Royal Botanic Gardens are home to more than 8,500 species of plant life and a whole host of fauna.

Soak up some culture at the National Gallery of Victoria

The Melbourne art scene is not to be neglected. No adventure in Melbourne would be complete without soaking up some culture at Melbourne’s numerous museums, galleries and theatres. High on your list is the National Gallery of Victoria, the most visited art museum in Australia where you visit a number of works by international painters (particularly European) and marvel at the largest stained-glass ceiling in the world.

Take a dip in a freshwater swimming hole in the Yarra River at Pound Bend

Nothing upon your Melbourne adventure is as invigorating as a dip in the freshwater swimming hole at in the Yarra River. You wade slowly into the mouth of Pound Bend tunnel. Here, the rockpool is a popular spot for loungers on a hot day. You catch some rays as the Yarra River flows gently past you, taking any stresses or worries with it.
Candle Cathedral

Light a candle at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne

Your escapades aren’t all high-speed. Next on your Melbourne adventure is a jaunt to Saint Paul’s Cathedral where you can light a candle and admire the intricate details of the nave, spires and other feats of Gothic architecture.

Reflect at the Shrine of Remembrance

A shrine built by World War I veterans, the Shrine of Remembrance cenotaph stands tall over King’s Domain on St Kilda Road. One of the largest war memorials in Australia, it is a place for solemn contemplation where you pay your respects to the Australian men and women of Victoria who played their part in the Great War.
Convertible/ Sea

Hit the Great Ocean Road and let the sea breeze whip through your hair

While the Shrine of Remembrance assumes the title of one of the biggest war memorials in the world, the Great Ocean Road takes the top spot as the largest war memorial ever built, constructed by soldiers who returned from the Great War and dedicated to those who perished. You rent a convertible and let the wind rush through your hair as you traverse the 150 miles of coastline that border the Great Ocean Road, stopping at the number of important landmarks along the way.

A five-course dinner aboard the Colonial Tram Car restaurant

For a truly moving end to the day, you indulge in an all-inclusive evening aboard The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. You treat yourself to a 5-course dinner and endless drinks from the bar within the intimate setting of a moving tramcar! As you are suitably wined and dined on the tramline, you mull over your Melbourne adventure and smile.

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