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Amsterdam as seen by Vincent Versluis

Hello! My name's Vincent Versluis and I’m an Advertising Photographer and Art Director. I started taking photos seriously about two years ago, after developing a strong passion for street photography. Sometimes living and working in Amsterdam can be quite hectic... so I use photography as a way to wind down and relax after a busy day of work. When walking through the city I try to distil the busy metropolis life through minimalistic or graphic images that convey the beauty of ordinary moments.

Vincent Verluis

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stadhouderskade amsterdam vincent versluis


I like to get out early, chasing the sunrise while others still sleep and dream. The morning is great for taking photos because the light is beautiful and it’s less crowded. The early sunlight on the red brick buildings of Amsterdam looks really beautiful. The morning is also perfect for photographing commuting locals, catching people carrying umbrellas and coffee cups rushing to the tram or bus. 

alexanderplein amsterdam vincent versluis


Amsterdam East is one of the more undiscovered areas of Amsterdam, it's what you would call an upcoming neighbourhood. It’s not as crowded or touristy as the city centre but it has some truly beautiful architecture like this impressive building in the background, the Tropenmuseum. Next time you find yourself in Amsterdam, make sure you pay this area a visit! 

Speigelracht Neighborhood
speigelracht neighborhood amsterdam vincent versluis


I love strolling through the more industrial parts of Amsterdam in search of an interesting composition. The trains run straight through the city and the overpasses make for excellent spots to take pictures.

Rijksmuseum Tunnel
rijksmuseum tunnel amsterdam vincent versluis


When exploring Amsterdam, everyone visits the Rijksmuseum. But did you know that you can take a ride on the bike path that runs through the heart of it where this photo was taken? It’s a really magnificent building where you can hear the sounds of street musicians in the courtyard echo through the bustling underpass.

museumplein amsterdam vincent versluis


Getting out to shoot in the winter is pretty tough in Amsterdam, as the weather can get rather cold. Cold enough to ice skate on Museumplein for example! Here you can see the ice rink with a miniature version of the famous skinny bridge. Make sure you visit the real Skinny Bridge as well, it's worth it!

Stedeljik Museum
stedeljik museum amsterdam vincent versluis


Amsterdam is a pretty clean city, which makes it really pleasant to photograph. The varying types of architecture make the city so interesting. You can find modern glass buildings that contrast yet blend in so well with the old red brick buildings, I really love this kind of attractive contradiction.

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