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Flexible Rate: travel with complete flexibility in Europe and North Africa

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Not sure of  the dates for your next getaway?


Book your stay with the flexible rate, you will be able to cancel without charge.


The only question you need to ask yourself now is where your next destination will be!


So treat yourself and plan your next departure, now.


If you are staying in a hotel located in one of the countries and one of the brands identified in the general conditions of sale below, you will benefit from the conditions specific to this offer. *


If you are staying in a hotel operated under another Accor brand or in another country that is not mentioned in the general conditions of sale below, please refer to the flexible rate applicable for each of the hotels concerned.

  • Paris

    Paris - France

    Paris offers everything a world capital should: a place you can enjoy culture, gastronomy, romance, shopping and business - Perhaps all at once!

  • London

    London - United Kingdom

    Discover London, its museums, its architecture and its attractions.

  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam - Netherlands

    Discover the city center combining modernity and tradition. Make a romantic promenade along the canals, by foot or by bike. Visit your kids the Artis Zoo and the NEMO Science Museum.

  • Barcelona

    Barcelona - Spain


    Let's enjoy the sun, beach, fashion and Gaudi art of Barcelona!