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Enjoy the End of Summer in the UK's Greenest City

Looking for the perfect weekend away to celebrate the end of another great summer?

Wind down for winter with a long weekend in Edinburgh, recently crowned the UK’s greenest city.

What makes Edinburgh the UK’s Greenest City?

Expert analysis of eco-friendliness has placed Edinburgh ahead of other busy UK cities in a recent study. Factors considered include the percentage of green space, air quality, and pollution levels, with the Scottish capital coming out on top thanks to its many parks and abundance of clean air.  
If you’re sold on a late-summer trip to Edinburgh, make sure you visit some of the city’s flourishing green spaces and soak up the last of the year’s warmth. 

Exploring Edinburgh’s Green Spaces

Holyrood Park

First stop? Holyrood Park and Arthurs Seat. The 640-acre park is just a short walk from Edinburgh’s iconic Royal Mile, making it easy to get to from the city centre and the perfect place to start your late-summer trip.  
Holyrood Park boasts dramatic hills and crags which make up much of the city’s rugged skyline and is home to a peppering of historical, archaeological sites which add further intrigue. We recommend you head up to Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh’s famous 251-metre peak, for unforgettable views of the city below. 

Princes Street Gardens

If you’re planning a day’s sightseeing in the Old Town or an afternoon of shopping around Edinburgh’s swishy Princes Street, break up the time with an hour’s rest in Princes Street Gardens.  
One of the most important parks in the city, Princes Street Gardens separates Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town and is beautiful year-round. Make the most of the late-summer weather by enjoying a little time in the park – it’s overlooked by the ancient castle and old town, making it the perfect spot for a breath of fresh air. 

Braidburn Valley Park

If you’re lucky with the weather, we recommend dedicating a full afternoon to Braidburn Valley Park. In south Edinburgh, a little outside the city centre, Braidburn Valley Park is a steep grassy valley with a wealth of local history. Follow in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson along the Fly Walk or look out for heron, bats, and foxes among the park’s abundant wildlife.  
A popular spot for dog walking, recreational sports, picnics, and relaxation on sunny days, Braidburn Valley Park is the perfect spot for a late summer's day out. 

What’s the Weather Like in Edinburgh?

Don’t let unexpected weather spoil your trip – plan ahead with Channel 4 Weather’s Edinburgh forecast and make sure you get the most out of your time in Edinburgh!

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