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A trip for your taste buds

Culinary specialties, fooding, nightlife and delicacies, your taste buds will thank you for a trip in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg, a symbol of its melting-pot, is cool and hearty. The town is turning into a trendy destination. Immigrants coming from Europe, Asia and Africa give to the town its unique diversity. Lively, surprising and bouncing, “Joburg”, through its numerous restaurants, offers a foretaste” of its melting pot. Fusion, cuisines from all over the world, local specialties, in Johannesburg, you will not bite more than you can chew.


Johannesburg is buzzing with its urban energy and dynamic cultural and artistic scene. Every month, art galleries and cultural exhibitions are open all night long. In search of a good nightlife? Head to Braamfontein to listen to some jazz music, to Newtown for its vibrant night clubs and to Marshalltown to listen to local Djs. Head to Downtown and its typical MaiMai market to find incredibly original fashion pieces. Want to grab a bite? Johannesburg cuisine is inventive and ethnically mixed.  Everyone cook for its community and at every street corner, you will find restaurants or more modest spots where you can enjoy a great meal.
johannesburg restaurant

From all over the world

Joburg is like traveling the world following your taste buds: Maqlubah, baklava and dates biscuits in a snack restaurant in Mayfair. A few blocks away, have a taste at the delicious Somalian specialties. Take a walk, but be warned: the food you are about to eat is to die for, in Fordsburg and Mayfair: here you can taste Arab or Indian food. Walk a bit further, to Emmarentia, and do a bit of grocery shopping: you will find all sorts of rice and delicious dates. In your tasty journey, you cannot miss the food market of Yeoville. Vegetables come from all over Africa, from Ghana to Congo or Cameroun. Bright colors and tasty smells, your mouth is already watering. Do not hesitate to ask sellers for some local recipes and secrets. They will answer you, with a smile. South of Johannesburg, a mix of Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine will make your mouth water. In Rosenttenville, do not hesitate and taste some famous matapa (crab cooked with coconut), fish and spinach with peanuts.
farmer market ohannesburg

From neighborhood to neighborhood

Maboneng is now trendy: you can find plenty of fashionable restaurants. Exquisite empanadas, homemade chorizo, Argentinian grilled-meat, meat lovers will be pleased. In Johannesburg, from neighborhood to neighborhood, you can eat food from all over the world, whenever and wherever. Icing on the cake? In Newtown, following the purest Italian ice-cream tradition, you can find originally flavored ice-cream that should warm your heart. Hertzoggies, Bobotie, Piri-piri, Salomi, Bunnies, Cape Malay, S’kop, kotas are more your cup of tea? South-African specialties, influenced by Europe, African and even Indian cuisines are easy to find in Joburg. Visit Randburg, Emmarantia, Soweto, Parkhurst, Midrand, Alexandra, where your feet take you, you will be able to fill your stomach.
empanadas johannesburg

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