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Hidden nightlife gems in Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon’s nightlife is one of the best after-hours experiences in the country - Burmese people know how to have a good time, and that party loving spirit is reflected in the abundance of nightclubs and bars spread across the city.

Yangon nightclub

Still, if you don’t want to end up holding court in an empty bar at 10pm, read on for a chance to meet new people, try new drinks and keep on dancing until the early hours.

Kosan Bar

Kosan has a reputation as one of the most vibrant bars in Yangon, and for good reason. A stylish interior, friendly staff and the best cocktail menu in town make this a night spot you simply can’t miss.
Located near the Chinese temple on 19th street, the bar is easily accessible when exploring the city, and is always packed with Yangon locals and visitors alike. We’d recommend the Mandalay Rum mojitos. Thank us later! 

Mr. Guitar

If you want to experience a true taste of Yangon’s local music scene, you can’t go wrong with Mr. Guitar. Located on Sayasan St, the bar enjoys cult status amongst music aficionados thanks to its owner, Nao Myo Say. Unsurprisingly, you can expect live music almost every day starting from 7pm. Watch out for an impromptu performance from Nao’s musician friends, and maybe even the owner cum celebrity musician himself…
Not a performer yourself? No problem! Down a few drinks from the extensive drinks menu and maybe even find the courage showcase your skills at karaoke night… 


As one of the more upscale joints in Yangon, BME2 is the perfect for both a clandestine rendez-vous and a night on the tiles. A favourite amongst the capital’s expat community, the club hosts a roster of top DJ talent and a young crowd that dance until the early hours of the morning every weekend. 
Though BME2’s drinks menu and entrance fee command a premium, the atmosphere and live band/DJ combo more than makes up for it. 

Pirate Bar

If all you’re craving is a cold (and cheap beer) and an interesting crowd during your stay in Yangon, then the Pirate Bar might just be for you.
It’s less ‘all night rager’ and more ‘cosy night with friends’, but this combination makes it the perfect place to catch up with a smaller group if you’re looking for a more relaxed alternative to some of Yangon’s more lively nightspots. Head down to 47th Street and don’t let the pirate moniker fool you – the Pirate Bar’s staff and regulars are as friendly as they come. 

7th Joint Bar & Grill

A great selection of food and (arguably) the best cocktail menu in Yangon make the 7th Joint Bar & Grill a late addition to our round-up of the Myanmar capital’s hottest nightspots. For the bold amongst you, regular open mic nights offer the chance to channel your inner showman. For the rest of us, there’s the opportunity to witness the best of Yangon’s unsung talent first-hand.

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