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Incredible Beerenschmarrn

Discover the recipe that represents Austria

Schmarren is an Austrian classic! A modern variant with fresh berries is my interpretation of the dessert. With my secret tip for fluffy Schmarren.

My name is Catrin Neumayer, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Lungau in Salzburg — but I'm better known as cookingCatrin.
I work as a food blogger, food stylist and editor for magazines and online publications, national and international companies, and of course I'm also editor-in-chief of this, my own culinary blogazine.


Serves 4
• 6 eggs
• 220 g flour
• 2 sachets vanilla sugar (8 g)
• 1 sachet baking powder (15 g)
• 250 ml milk
• A good splash of mineral water
• 4 caps of rum
• Butter (for the pan)
• Wiener Zucker icing sugar (to garnish)
• 200 g blueberries
• 150 g raspberries


Whisk the eggs together with the flour, milk, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Stir in a splash of mineral water and the rum. In a large pan, heat the butter, then pour in the mixture. Add one-third of the berries, then cook on a medium heat, stirring gently. Leave to rise and tear into pieces using a spatula.
You could also use other fruits or seasonal berries such as redcurrants if you prefer.

The local gastronomy

I'm a passionate amateur chef, so cooking and baking are a kind of "kitchen yoga" for me. I want to take you, my readers, on a culinary journey, discovering local and international flavors. In particular, Austrian cuisine with its different regional variations and countless traditional recipes needs to be passed on to future generations. I love creating modern versions of time-honored recipes and bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern!

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