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Things to Do with Kids in Saudi Arabia!

There is more than enough outdoor activities and attraction to see in Saudi Arabia. A well-rounded family trip to this part of the Arabian Peninsula should include exploring the country’s historic landmarks, parks, zoo and the cultural scenes.

Step Back in Time at National Museum of Riyadh

An educative and informative place to revisit the historic past, culture and the development of the country before the oil boom is the National Museum of Riyadh. It houses several artefacts on Hajj, including several artefacts and recovered national antiquities that explain the pre-Islamic period and Prophet Muhammad’s revelation.

Enjoy Winter Fun at Snow City

Family fun abounds at Snow City in Al-Othaim Mall in Riyadh. Spread across 5,000 square meters, Snow City offers 12 fun-filled activities for the energetic brood, including indoor ski slopes, sledging, ice huts to chill out in, snowmobile, wall climbing, rope courses, ice bumper cars as well as a dedicated ski zone – all well maintained under 3 degrees Celsius of temperature.

Spend a Day at the Riyadh National Zoo

Get up close with the wild side of the country at Riyadh Zoo, located in the Malaz district of the capital of Saudi Arabia. The largest among all zoos in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Zoo has an area of 55 acres and is home to 1,500 animals of 40 species.

Explore the King Abdullah Park or Museum Park

An expansive public park, covering an area of 318,000 square meters with 150,000 square meters of green space, King Abdullah Park or Museum Park has five main entrances and houses several gardens, children’s parks, picnic spots for families, walkways, seating areas, and a restaurant with a total area of 1,700 square meters. There is a large man-made lake, a dancing fountain equipped with laser technology, a Saudi flag post that is 37 meters tall, and a building that stands on an area of 1,160 square meters.

Take a Tour of the Fakieh Aquarium

Created with the intention to bring environmental awareness to educate visitors about marine life, especially that of the red sea, the Fakieh aquarium houses over 7,000 animals and 200 species, including some endangered and rare species. There is a walkthrough tunnel made of acrylic glass that allows visitors to take a closer look at the goliath Grouper fish, Tiger sharks and other types of fish.
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