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Tunis essentials – don’t miss out!

Discover the unmissable Tunis

The beautiful Tunis fascinates with its cultural jewels, gastronomic delights, historical monuments and lakeside location. There are so many possibilities for your trip to this country in the Maghreb, you’ll find it difficult to choose. Fortunately, we’ve handpicked a selection of the most beautiful Tunisian favourites just for you

la Médina de Tunis

Meander in the Medina of Tunis

The Medina, literally meaning "old city", is the historical bastion of Tunis. Follow in the footsteps of history as you crisscross your way through dilapidated buildings and narrow streets to admire the typical architecture of the buildings. Many blue-tinted mosaics decorate the walls, and old doors are endowed with combinations of pretty yellows, sky blues and bright whites in mysterious geometrical forms. Indulge your curiousity as you explore the mosques, madrasas and mausoleums of the Medina that capture and preserve the rich past of the city. The large Zitouna mosque is also definitely worth a visit. In addition to the magnificent stone facade composed of multiple arcs, we recommend visiting the roof for more impressive mosaics and an unparalleled panoramic view.
Before you leave, a detour through the Chechias souk is essential! There are all kinds of handicrafts on offer, ranging from traditional Tunisian woollen hats to multicoloured babouches and other treasures.
port de la Goulette

Enjoy the marine atmosphere at La Goulette port

A symbol of Ottoman and Spanish power, the port is now a pleasant place to enjoy a walk along the coastline breathing the fresh ocean air. The long stretch of beach made up of fine sand is the perfect place to spend an evening or afternoon strolling in the sun.
Sidi Bou Saïd

Escape to the charming neighbourhood of Sidi Bou Saïd

You simply cannot ignore the beauty of the Andalusian architecture – characterised by the whiteness of the walls and striking azure notes. It’s easy to see how so many painters found inspiration here! Notice the artistic and bohemian atmosphere emanating from the town, most likely a result of the pristine hue of houses and cafes perched amongst the cliffs, offering stunning views of the surrounding water.
Musée national du Bardo

Fill up on colours at the National Bardo Museum

This is one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world, housed in a sumptuous palace. Ranked as the second largest museum on the African continent (after the Egyptian Museum in Cairo), the Bardo has unmatched jewels. The museum honours a huge range of mosaics discovered throughout the country, and as suc hit deserves a full day if you can spare it. Admire the beauty of the Ottoman-influenced architecture, skillfully combining materials such as precious wood, wrought iron and faience. Take a moment to relax in the lush greenery next to a beautiful marble fountain, before making your way to visit the impressive collection dedicated to prehistoric times from the Sahara and the Maghreb – ideal for archeology enthusiasts.

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