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O hotelu

  • Hotel refurbished in June 2022

  • Rooms with shower, subject to booking

  • Secure car park

  • Located at exit 21 of the A7/A9 interchange

  • Just 10 mins' walk from city center

Nasze pokoje

Lokalizacja hotelu

hotelF1 Orange Centre Echangeur A7 A9

Rue Agis Rigord, Le Jonquier sud
84100 ORANGE

Pozycja GPS:44.138821, 4.793517

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Na miejscu
  • Parking
  • Zwierzęta mile widziane
  • Dostęp dla osób na wózkach inwalidzkich
  • Wi-Fi
  • Klimatyzacja
  • Śniadanie
  • Całkowity zakaz palenia na terenie całego obiektu


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Opinie naszych gości

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Ocena ALL  3.8/5  Liczba opinii: 338

Ocena TripAdvisor  2.5/5  Liczba opinii: 65

10-15 minutes walk from the center.

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 3.0/5

VadimM67 Solo travel - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Orange is a small town, so the F1 hotel, unlike larger cities, is close to the center. It takes just 10-15 min walk so tourists without cars like me can use it also. I got in from Arles late at night, so I used the password. Reception is closed at night. Drinks vending machines are available in the lobby. Toilet and shower is on the floor. You should use digit password for entrance to the room . It is impossible to forget - you will sleep in the hallway. Fans of budget travel often use motels F1. This Motel is just like everyone else. Clean, functional, inexpensive. Slept and moved further.

budget hotel - it's ok for price

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 3.0/5

o_hughmanatee Friends getaway - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Yeah, it's a budget hotel, but at least it is clean and modern-ish. The rooms and bathrooms were clean, and it even has in-room sinks, which was more than I expected. As far as I could tell, there wasn't much smell of smoking despite there being an ash tray in the room. It's definitely possible to pay a lot more and get a lot less, so this one is not too bad since it's so cheap.

Only if there is nothing else available, and the car is full.

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 1.0/5

Theforceisstrong Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

We don't expect much from Accor's lowest budget brand 'Hotel F1' but we do expect it to be better than disgusting. My wife and I have stayed in countless F1 hotels and really do understand the context. However... This place would be better under a bulldozer. Filthy, unkept, the room stank of stale smoke, the "clean" bed linen stank of stale smoke, the showers were filthy - maybe the hotel staff aren't responsible for the hygiene of each and every guest...but they could at least try a little to maintain the toilets and showers. Or not, as the case was. A campsite would definitely have been no worse. Broken plastic garden furniture outside, the bin was inaccessible due to the extensively overgrown hedge, the general appearance was of a scene from a post-apocolyptic movie, including the zombie we had the displeasure of speaking with on arrival. At €15 it would have been barely acceptable. At €39 it was an insult.

You pay almost nothing, you get almost nothing.

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 2.0/5

JHey88 Couples - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Its only worth it if you're counting every euro spent. If you can, opt to pay a bit more and get a cleaner room with facilities inside the room instead of the hallway... We knew what we were getting into but weren't prepared for the foul smell of stale cheap tobacco and the spiders and blood and/or feces on the walls. Can't say avoid though... I mean 30 euros a night for 2 passerby's, like I said, if you're desperately low on cash, it's a bed with clean sheets and a roof!

You get what you pay for

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 3.0/5

Onnest Friends getaway - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Budget hotel at a budget price but nothing wrong with that. we stayed here for 3 nights whilst away watching the Tour De France & there was nothing wrong at all apart from it could have done with a "freshen up". The hotel was full & the rooms were fine with adjacent showers & toilets. VERY limited breakfast available each morning but thats not why I stayed. All i needed was somewhere to sleep after a busy day & this served well. The hotel next door (part of the Accor - same - chain) did a fantastic chicken & chips with a few cold beers at a very reasonable price & you are welcome to use the facilities.

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  • 137 Liczba opinii 9.1/10 Lokalizacja
  • 358 Liczba opinii 5/10 Pokój
  • 228 Liczba opinii 7.7/10 Obsługa
  • 14 Liczba opinii 3.5/10 Internet
  • 182 Liczba opinii 7.6/10 Czystość
  • 84 Liczba opinii 3.7/10 Śniadanie
  • 35 Liczba opinii 2.1/10 Jedzenie
  • 25 Liczba opinii 8.7/10 Klimat

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