(Renovated) hotelF1 Lille Villeneuve d'Ascq

(Renovated) hotelF1 Lille Villeneuve d'Ascq

Ocena klientów (Ocena ALL) 3.9/5 Liczba opinii: 327

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O hotelu

  • New Cabrio room with built-in bathroom

  • Many restaurants and fast food outlets on site

  • Free WiFi and breakfast to take away to room € 4.90

  • Close to Pierre Mauroy Stadium and the universities

  • Close to public transport links

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Lokalizacja hotelu

(Renovated) hotelF1 Lille Villeneuve d'Ascq

3 boulevard de Mons, ZAC du Tir à Loques

  • Samolotem

    LILLE LESQUIN W 11km / 6 mil - Płatne transport

  • Pociągiem

    LILLE EUROFLANDRES W 8km / 4 mil

Pozycja GPS:50.642471, 3.143328

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Na miejscu
  • Parking
  • Transfer
  • Podjazd dla wózków
  • Wi-Fi
  • Śniadanie


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Opinie naszych gości

Opinie naszych gości

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Ocena ALL  3.9/5  Liczba opinii: 327

Ocena TripAdvisor  3.0/5  Liczba opinii: 62

Niekulturalna, nieuczciwa,leniwa i nieprofesjonalna obsługa hotelu-ZDECYDOWANIE ODRADZAM

Ocena klientów 0.5/5

In-express Pobyt służbowy - Opinie potwierdzone ALL

Problem z uzyskaniem faktury, recepcjonista nie potrafi lub nie chce wypisać poprawnie faktury na podstawie czytelnych danych pokazanych na telefonie-wystarczyło przepisać, pomimo opłaconej rezerwacji dwukrotna próba żądania opłaty za pobyt, RECEPCJONISTA JEST NIEKULTURALNY I JEST OSOBĄ NIEINTELIGENTNĄ


Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 2.0/5

Jamietax Rodziny - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

I'm not that fussy but room had a feel of a prison cell. Shared toilets and showers. Noise easy heard. I guess it is cheap. Free Wifi worked, staff friendly. Will only use again as a last resort . Would have been nice to have a English speaking of channel on tv

not good

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 1.0/5

burden22 Rodziny - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

For even a basic hotel this fell short of the mark. sink did not drain very well . beds one went bang you moved on it , and the bed covers felt like they had been washed once. take ear plugs , motorway outside window is constant 24/7 showers and toilet are an experiance , for the showers take flip flops place is in a shabby state of repair

Joie de vivre

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 4.0/5

MrSmith1968_2 Couples - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Oh là là; where to begin when reviewing France’s answer to the fabled Travelodge? Well, if you opt for a dirt cheap bunk, what do you expect in life? Champagne à l'arrivée, a jacuzzi perhaps? Perish the thought! You get, of course, precisely what you pay for. Unashamedly basic accommodation. But just because it’s basic, it doesn’t mean it’s in any way inadequate. Far from it. The wife and I rather enjoyed are stay at this hotel. The beds were pleasantly comfortable, and I was treated to a refreshing night’s sleep. The plastic communal shower/ toilet cubicles provide an interesting experience, but in my view, anyone who is too pretentious to share isn’t worth take note of really. Concluding remarks. A viable option for the thrifty traveller. The staff were both attentive, and prepared to bear with a bumbling English fool attempting to communicate a few simple sentences. Will I be using a HotelF1 in ze future? Je ne sais pas (but I hope to).

You get what you pay for

Ocena na stronie TripAdvisor 3.0/5

Nisar Q Rodziny - Opinia zatwierdzona w TripAdvisor

Ok lots of people on here slamming this hotel, all I can say is how many cities in the world can you stay in for under 15 euros a night?? I paid 12, the hotel itself is very basic, solid doors, communal showers and toilets ie one shower and toilet per hallway, but there is a lock on the door so you dont have to literally share with others while you have a shower. Smell of disenfectant BUT for all that you have access to Lille, only a couple of stops to the centre on the metro, which is only a short walk away from this hotel. There is a supermarket next door to fill up with snacks. Yes this is not the Hilton BUT 12 EUROS, two coffees in a cafe cost that nowadays. Most importantly for me the hotel felt safe, there was a presence of staff always.

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