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Особенности отеля

  • На 100% отремонтированный отель

  • Парковка за дополнительную плату. Рядом с остановками общественного транспорта

  • Ресторан и бар с видом на крыши парижских домов

  • Прекрасно освещенные и оборудованные конференц-залы. Коворкинг-пространства

  • Семейные и смежные номера. - Можно с домашними животными. - Беспл. WiFi

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ibis Париж Порт-де-Монтрей

2, avenue du Professeur André, Lemierre
75020 ПАРИЖ

GPS:48.854452, 2.415361

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При отеле
  • Домашние животные не допускаются
  • Трансфер
  • Доступ на инвалидном кресле
  • Кондиционер
  • Завтрак
  • Помещения для деловых встреч
  • Курение на территории отеля запрещено


Отзывы наших гостей

Отзывы наших гостей

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Рейтинг ALL  3.5/5  Отзывов: 1 396

Рейтинг TripAdvisor  3.0/5  Отзывов: 1 149

Doesn’t look anything like the photos!!!

Примечание: Tripadvisor 2.0/5

Nick D Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

We recently stayed at the Ibis, Porte Montreuil in September for 3 nights and firstly it doesn’t look anything like the photos online, we stayed in the main Ibis hotel so good knows what the budget hotel looked like?! It was only a hotel we booked as a place to sleep but it was way below our expectations! After a very slow and painful check in we went to take the lift to the 14th floor. There were 3 lifts but only one that was working which meant there was a constant queue at the lift and if you had to wait for it to go up / down, you were often standing a long time. Once we eventually got to our room, we opened the door to a strong odour which they used to clean the bathroom we assumed, but later found out after running the tap / shower it was to disguise the smell of the drain. The room although clean was very tired looking and hadn’t been updated for quite some time, there were scuffs and marks everywhere. The curtains had marks and staines which had clearly been there a while. The bathroom as well as having ‘a smell’ was just as old and battered as the room. We stayed during the recent heatwave early September and the air conditioning in the room was as much use as a chocolate fire guard. The room was like a furness and there was no window to open, the air conditioning unit made noise but no cold air came from it even on full blast! We ate out each day / night as there were no other alternatives apart from an overpriced vending machine. There is a door through to a small shopping centre with a super market but with no fridge etc or cupboard space there is nowhere to store anything you bought. I would not stay here again, even though we were just booking ‘a bed’ due to sight seeing each day.


Примечание: Tripadvisor 2.0/5

785michald Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

We were rather disappointed with the hotel. The best part of our stay there is breakfast, which was quite rich according to the price. On the other hand, our room's air-conditioning was a disaster. Given the fact that the window couldn't be open due to safety reasons, the stale air in the room was almost unbreathable, not mentioning the bathroom that became a steam room very fast. If all rooms are like this, people with breathing problems should not visit the hotel.

Worst experience ever. Don’t book this hotel

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

Luís G Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

I actually have NOTHING positive to say about this hotel. Recepcionists are rude, the room is small, towels are bad, bathroom does not have soup or hair dryer, we couldn’t even tables for 3 people to leave clothes or stuff

Terrible experience

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

46julianb Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

Do not stay here .. terrible customer service from staff... I checked in online and was asked for a €40 holding fee, my friends I travelled with did not check in online and we're not charged, Niether were friends who stayed at another Ibis in Montreuil on same week-end. When I found my room the connecting door to the next room was unsecured and the lock bolt was stuck and i couldn't release it I returned to reception where a younger male , who I guess was a supervisor seemed unconcerned, arrogant and unwilling to listen and identity with my problem that was the hotel's making, he even went so far as to say all my possessions would be ok , even though I couldn't secure the room. At that moment a couple interjected who were staying in the adjacent room, they complained that the room was not clean, or prepared for them. We all went upstairs, the supervisor disagreed with the couple and said their room was fine ! Which it wasn't, it had litter in it and the bed was used He seemed unconcerned with my issue, the interconnecting door and said he had no one to fix it!!! My mate who was in the opposite room demanded to speak to a manager , at this point the member of staff became aggitaited and raised his voice. My lock issue was eventually solved by my friend using his own key to unjam the lock . The next morning I went to breakfast, couldn't find where it was at first as no one on check in had told me where it was All in all i terrible experience I've stayed at many hotels in Europe and USA and this one was a clown show, terrible customer service Do not waste your time staying here


Примечание: отзывы клиентов 1.5/5

Ansagan Семьи - Проверенные отзывы - ALL

Мне нужен был кипяток, для того, чтобы сделать молоко ребёнку, я попросила набрать мне его в термос. В каждом отеле мне его предоставляли. В этом же ответили, что кипятка нет, хотя у них есть кухня, где они подают завтраки, но мне ответили, что кухня закрыта. Неужели персонал не может ее открыть, чтобы разогреть чайник? Я не поверю, просто не захотели с этим возиться. И знаете что самое интересное? Они хотели подогреть мой термос в микроволновке, но сказали, что он слишком большой и не поместится туда. Я даже не знаю как можно было додуматься до такого. Ещё вроде в отеле есть бар или ресторан, я не уверена, потом увидела, могли бы предложить туда за кипятком. В общем, мне просто дали понять, что я сама должна разбираться со своей проблемой. И возможно я бы не возмущалась, но а других отелях вообще не было проблем с этим. Поэтому я считаю, что сервис у отеля на очень низком уровне👎🏻 Да и локация на краю города, и номер за огромную стоимость, это того не стоит. I needed boiling water, in order to make milk for the baby, I asked to put it in a thermos for me. Every hotel provided it to me. But at this hotel they replied that there was no boiling water, although they had a kitchen where they served breakfast, but they told me that the kitchen was closed. Can't the staff open it to warm up the kettle? I won't believe it, they just didn't want to mess with it. And do you know what the most interesting thing is? They wanted to heat my thermos in the microwave, but they said it was too big and wouldn't fit in there. I don't even know how it was possible to think of such a thing. There also seems to be a bar or restaurant in the hotel, I'm not sure, they could offer to go there for boiling water. In general, they just made it clear to me that I should deal with my problem myself. And maybe I wouldn't be outraged, but other hotels didn't have any problems with this at all. Therefore, I believe that the service at the hotel is at a very low level👎🏻 And the location on the edge of the city, and the room for a huge cost, it's not worth it.

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