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An unforgettable Mother's Day with Accor

Because nothing is too much for your mum!

This year, you’re decided to go all out and offer your mum the gift she really deserves. The only problem is that you are all out of ideas and the countdown to M-Day is on. So, rather than go for the same, tired old thing, plan something memorable and celebrate your bond in an exceptional setting… Accor will help you to organise a special occasion for an equally special person: your mum!

France: Learn the art of making madeleines in Cabourg

France: Learn the art of making madeleines in Cabourg

Is your mother a fan of French literature and sweet treats? At the Grand Hôtel Cabourg, once Marcel Proust’s favourite holiday spot, indulge her two passions by offering her a course in the art of madeleine-making with a pastry chef. Before leaving behind the magical atmosphere of the Grand Hôtel, you give her a final gift: a scented candle especially created for the hotel. A beautiful sensory souvenir to remember this wonderful day!
Hôtel Mondial Am Dom

Germany: indulge her with a olfactory feast at the Farina Fragrance Museum in Cologne

Rather than just giving your mum the clichéd gift of yet another fragrance, why not take her on a sensory adventure? Drop your suitcases off at the opulent Hôtel Mondial Am Dom in Cologne from which you admire the cathedral across the road. From the hotel you set off to discover the oldest perfumery in Germany. Your private tour will reveal all the secrets of perfume-making, including knowledge of oils and distillation. You will even get to take home a small bottle of 17th century inspiration. Now there’s a fragrance your mum will never forget.
LaGare Venezia Hotel

Italy: Discover the art of Murano glass-making

There’s more to Venice than gondolas, Carnival masks and the meteorological phenomenon of acqua alta. Head north of the lagoon and take a boat to the charming Murano Island where LaGare Venezia Hotel awaits you. Your mum has already been won over by this breaktaking place. On this day which is all about spoiling her, you book one of the highlights of LaGare hotel: The private tour of artist workshops in Murano. What a great opportunity to be initiated in the production of these glass jewels which the island is renowned for. An unforgettably unique gift for Mother's Day!
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

The Netherlands: Sophistication and gastronomy on an Amsterdam terrace

Is dining out a sacred pastime in your family? Well then honour this tradition on Mother's Day by taking your mum to the Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam… and discover one of the best-kept secrets in the city: the magnificent rooftop garden! Celebrate your unique mother-daughter bond over a gourmet dinner. You have plenty to reminisce and laugh about at the hotel Cocktail Bar where you savour a cocktail prepared by a true mixologist.
Sofitel Grand Sopot

Poland: Relax in a spa opposite the Baltic Sea in Sopot

Do you want to indulge your mum with a wellness break this Mother's Day? Book in an afternoon at the Hotel Sofitel Grand Sopot spa. In a peaceful and luxurious setting, treat her to a traditional treatment or branch out for a more innovative formula, allowing her to relax completely. Hydrotherapy, sauna, aromatherapy steam bath or spa bath. You top off the day with a wonderful beach walk, before enjoying an exquisite dinner served in the hotel restaurant. Complete with sea views!
Fairmont Hotel Barcelona

Spain: Treat her palate in the cool shade of a lush Barcelona garden

Are you after a peaceful and calm garden full of greenery for a delicious mum and daughter brunch? Head to Barcelona, where the Fairmont Hotel awaits you with its luxurious 25-hectare garden. While savouring the delights of Mediterranean cuisine, you have one of those long and meaningful chats, enjoying the opportunity to chat one-on-one with your mum. After a last coffee, you start out on a post-lunch walk in Fairmont Park which is sprawling and forest-like. A delightful setting worthy of a Mother's Day celebration!
MGallery Santa Teresa

Brazil: Take her out to lunch at Guanabara Bay in Rio

You’ve considered just about every option for the perfect Mother's Day gift: jewellery, flowers, a box of chocolates or even the latest smartphone everyone’s after… But deep down, what better to give your mum than a sun-soaked setting and a meal in your company, opposite the glorious Guanabara Bay? Santa Teresa Hotel RJ in Rio is a great launching pad to put your plan into action! Book a table at Restaurant Thérèze, where you can spend some quality time at one of the most renowned eateries in Rio.
Sofitel New York

United States: Gift her a brunch fit for a queen at Gaby in New York

For a mother who is at the height of style and sophistication, what would be better than a meal at Gaby, the Sofitel New York in-house restaurant? Enjoy a brunch together in this art deco setting, the flavours of French cuisines mixing with the flavours and scents from all four corners of the globe… After this perfect start to the day, you take a stroll along Broadway where, come nightfall, the stars come out. But you’ve got yet another surprise for your mum: tickets for the latest show to hit town!
Melbourne Sofitel

Australia: Brunch on the 35th floor of the Melbourne Sofitel

Keen to take to the skies on Mother's Day? Then head to stylish Melbourne and take the lift at the Sofitel Hotel all the way up to… the 35th floor. Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view as you enjoy a succulent and gourmet brunch prepared by the chef at No.35. And while you’re at it, why not make your day even better with a spot of shopping… The Melbourne Sofitel is located in the heart of the shopping district on Collins Street. Make the most with mum!

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