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Where should your next holiday be? Find out with #NameMyTrip!

Not sure where to head on your next vacation? What if your passport had the answer? Accor is proud to announce the launch of #NameMyTrip. Thanks to some nifty data analysis, you can find out where those who share your first name tend to go on holiday in just a few clicks - and the results might surprise you!

Inspiring data, inspiring destinations

The concept behind #NameMyTrip might sound unusual, but we’ve got the stats to back it up. Science may not have proved that name = personality, but there’s a definite link between traveller’s first names and the destinations they visit! For example, we discovered that people named Peter visit Kenya 10 times more often than their fellow Brits, that Abigails visit Greece a staggering 17 times more often than their peers, and that the Annas have a marked fondness for Fiji.

Unusual travel ideas

Whether it be a romantic trip for two or a family getaway, it’s not always easy to find the right destination for everyone. From jaw-dropping Instagram accounts to inspiring Pinterest boards, the Internet is full of suggestions, but it’s often difficult to see the wood for the trees. With #NameMyTrip, all.accor.com puts the fun back in travelling: enter your name and receive a list of the top 5 most-loved destinations of people who share your moniker. Even better: if you’re planning a trip for two, just enter the name of your friend or partner for a personalised selection of destinations à deux!

#NameMyTrip: an international datastory

#NameMyTrip is also available for France, Germany, Spain and the USA, so you can find out whether people abroad who share your name have the same travel ideas! Do the Pedros and Pierres visit the same countries as the Peters? What about Anna in Germany vs. Anne in France?

Visit #NameMyTrip and find out for yourself!

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