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Family getaways in the great outdoors

Are you keen to explore new horizons as a family? Here are four holiday destinations with an abundance of nature on the menu!

Take a deep breath: summer is just around the corner! It seems the planet is bursting with animal, plant and mineral life that is all the more exciting when shared with the family. After wandering through the city that you’ll call home for the next few days, you gradually escape the downtown bustle. The trails are all yours, a great place to admire unknown species and awe-inspiring landscapes. Stock up on oxygen while creating unforgettable memories!

Explore the parks of California and take in spectacular scenery

You’ve just dropped your suitcases off at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, you admire the ancient redwood trees of Muir Woods. On the national coastline at Point Reyes, there are around 1500 species of plants and animals for your children to feast their eyes on. Further along, via the coastal walkways of Salt Point State Park, you spot mischievous seals which laze about at the feet of shellfish collectors. To top off the final few days of your family holidays in California, head inland where you’ll soon find yourselves in the heart of Yosemite National Park. Your children will be speechless at the sight of its waterfalls and immense granite rock faces…and you will be too!

Go bird-watching on the Danube Delta

After splashing about with the kids in the indoor swimming pool at the Bucharest City Centre Hotel, head off to discover the Romanian capital. Once nicknamed “the Paris of the Balkans”, Bucharest promises to enchant with its creative quarters, historic treasures and the beautiful parks and gardens which line its avenues.
Now that you’re familiar with the urban sights, give in to the call to explore open spaces and head towards Danubian Plain… Explore its rich biosphere before boarding a small boat with a local guide to journey through the maze-like canals of the delta, home to over 300 bird species. Your children will be enthralled by the pelican colonies wading about in the water...

The great outdoors with an Andalusian twist, hugged between the sea and the mountains

Málaga, famous for being home to the museums of Picasso and Carmen Thyssen, is the ideal starting point for exploring Andalusia. You are staying at the Novotel Suites, which is ideally located in the city centre. Take a few moments to relax in your comfy sofa and enjoy a coffee before you head to the Sierra Nevada to satisfy your family’s craving for nature. Here you can wander the forests of this UNESCO World Heritage site to your hearts’ content. This biosphere reserve boasts majestic mountain streams and extraordinary geological landscapes, all bathed in the magical light which saw it baptised the “Mountain of the Sun”. 
The coast of Andalusia is just as delightful. Take your family to visit Doñana National Park on the Costa de la Luz, with its wetlands, lagoons, and spectacular cliffs. The experience is sure to leave your children exhausted, but no less starry-eyed!

Take to the heights in Arcachon!

Hotel Ibis Arcachon la Teste, nestled amongst pine trees, offers guests bicycles for rent. It’s the transport of choice to reach the spectacular Pyla dune located just a short ride from Arcachon! The kids will be delighted to climb the highest natural dune in Europe. Found at the edge of a forest-covered mountain range in Landes, the dune is 110 metres high. A few rolls in the sand at first, and then they’re away, climbing high. The Landes forest is also ideal for family strolls: fill up on your oxygen quota in the maritime pine forests which abound here. Their unparalleled scent accompanies you throughout the trails that lead towards the immense sandy beaches of the coast: Contis Sud, Santocha and let’s not forget Hossegor. The waves crash against the shore and your kids just can’t get enough!

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