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Let's sail out! Facing the Gibraltar strait, Tangier symbolizes the osmosis between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean whose waters wash her shores. Being a cosmopolitan city, Tangier is lively and trendy. This remarquable costal city is also a major cultural town where expats and locals mix up. Come alongside and wander in the town following our lead.

Welcome to Tangiers

From Delacroix to Mick Jagger, from Matisse to Bowles, Tangier- the meeting point between Spain and Morocco- has seduced them all. Incredibly beautiful with the immaculate whiteness of her buildings contrasting the turquoise blue of her waters, Tangier has been lusted after since the earliest Antiquity. Right away, the town lays down her Heritage for you to admire. On the one hand, there is the old town, colourful and traditional with typical buildings, steep and narrow streets and the sound of the muezzin. On the other hand, there is the new town, with an European flavour, modern and even futuristic with the gigantic harbour of Tangier Med. From ancient time, Tangier has always had the favours of artists who settle here, enchanted by the softness of life, by how diverse the city is and by the magnificent views on Europe.

Rock the Kasbah

Sheltered behind the white fortified walls, Tangier's old town is a set of 5 different neighbourhoods. A labyrinth with narrow streets and white facades: a true representation of the town. You will happy get lost in the medina: accidentally stumbling upon craftsmen shops, like Majid's, a three-storey souk where the Rolling Stones enjoy shopping. Or, you could discover historical buildings and markets. Keep wandering to the Petit Socco. There, while sipping the traditional mint tea at one of the numerous terraces of the square or enjoying some local dish, you will get the chance to gaze at the locals. Looking for something cultural? Not that far away from the square, you can visit the Great Mosque, which was turned into a church during the Portuguese invasion and was later turned back into a mosque. Now the symbol of the Alawit architecture, one cannot help but notice the monumental and richly adorned door.
Follow the smell of spices to the Grand Socco through the Siaghines street: this is the biggest market in Tangier. Cross the different shops and you will get to discover the various Moroccan dishes. Later, go higher. Head to the Kasbah: there the medina is at your feet and you will get an breathtaking panorama on the strait. Blown away? Continue your journey towards the American Legation, a historical building with a Hispano-Mauresque architecture turned into a library and an exhibition center for paintings and watercolours.

Arty show

Tangier has always been a hot-spot for artists, from famous painters like Bacon who used to set up their easels to writers such as Tennessee Williams whom you could come across at “Les Colonnes” bookshop or Jack Kerouac who was a regular of the Magellan street. The city, thanks to her unique melting pot, keeps on attracting the artistic crowd. To get a peek, at sunset, share a traditional tea at the highly popular Cafe Hafa. There, hung on the cliff, you will admire, alongside artists and locals, the last rays of sunlight disappearing in the sea. Art galleries, fashion designers and culture aficionados usually hang out on Pasteur and Mohamed V Avenues. Meet up at the “Terrasse des Paresseux” and, surrounded by artillery, dream up looking at Spain, just like the artists who enjoying coming up here. Not far away from there, the “Insolites” bookshop, Topolina studios- a fashion designer- or some concept stores of the Kasbah, such as “Las Chicas”, are hipsters' favorites. Feeling like having a night out? There are the festivals: Tanjazz in September, obviously dedicated to Jazz music or “ Les Nuits Sonores” on the electro side of it. But there are also numerous English pubs or the taps bars where one can enjoy a drink and have a great time.

To the end of the World

Cap Spartel, un nom enchanteur. Ici, le phare indique aux bateaux que l’Afrique est à quelques kilomètres. Quant à vous, vous vous noyez dans cette vue infinie, avec pour seule limite les côtes espagnoles au loin. Enfilez votre maillot, jetez-vous à l’eau, tout autour des plages spectaculaires sont propices à des baignades paradisiaques. Non loin de là, plongez dans l’histoire. Les grottes d’Hercule, cavités creusées par les vagues et habitées par les hommes marquent le point de réunion entre la mer Méditerranée et l’Atlantique où à travers une ouverture béante on entrevoit la poésie des flots.
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