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Agadir, what is not to miss

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Agadir, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, with 8 miles of beaches is a truly extraordinary coastal town overlooked by a mountain. Agadir is the town where Arabic and Amazigh cultures meet. Airy and full of lights, Agadir has one natural asset it can count on: it’s gorgeous bay, regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world, which has granted an award in 2002. There you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking view during the golden hour. Ocean lovers are happy as a sand boy. But the fuss is not only about the sea! On top of its marina, of its sky-blue landscapes, of its famous waves, there is plenty of things to do and see in the Amazigh heartland. Enjoy the local cuisine or ride a camel, take a stroll in the souk or visit the Kasbah… Are you ready?

1. Surfing the waves

Beginners or future Kelly Slaters, it is high time to plunge into the water. Aficionados and locals the long and powerful Anza wave. A few miles away, there is Taghazout, an old fishermen’s village with its typical paved little street and its tiny white and blue houses nesting against the rocks. Taghazout is one of the most famous surf spots in the world. Why is that, might you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. The waves from Km14 beach break, ideal for beginners to ticker spots like Killer or Anchor Point not to mention Devil’s Rock, la Source, Tamri, and Banana. Taghazout eats, drinks, sleeps and surf: it is, therefore, a warm and happy place where surfers from over the world with their sun bleached hair meet with ever-smiling locals. Here the desert blends with the sea while mountain roads running along the coast are lined up with trees and their high-up goats.
surf agadir

2. High up in the skies

At 236 meters high, the Kasbah, which survived the 1960 earthquake, has been protecting the town for 5 centuries. If you feel up to it: hike the mountain and take a tour! Just outside de Marina, walk up the lane. 20 minutes later you are at the bottom of the fortified walls with Agadir, the harbor and the countryside at your feet. What a magnificent view! The view is even more gorgeous at sunset.

3. Shopaholic

Sunday shoppers? The souk al Hadd (literally the Sunday market), one of the biggest and most diverse in Morocco is all yours: 6000 shops are awaiting. Located at the center of the industrial town, you enter the Souk through one of the numbered doors. Here craftsmen are working hard, the smells of spices and fruits mix up, tanners and goldsmiths are working alongside each other. Insider tip: looking for jewelry? Enter the souk through the doors # 9 or 10, at the north.

4. Flying high

Right in the center of Agadir, there are 2.5 hectares of land: "the birds' valley". You can visit the bird sanctuary for free and get to see some of the rarest birds from Asia and South America. In the exuberant landscape, between magnolias and banana trees, you will come face to face with Barbary sheeps and monkeys, kangaroos and lamas.

5. Being cultural

After a swim in the calm waters of Agadir, have a stroll in the Medina. Wander around in the small streets with their colored zellige mosaics. Take a break and visit the Amazigh museum "Amazigh Heritage". There, you'll discover jewelry, traditional music, and the local culture thanks to temporary exhibitions. Are you a music lover? The Timitar festival when world music and Amazigh music meet is for you. Another musical note: the concert for Tolerance is highly popular.
Is your mouth already watering?  Eating in Agadir is an absolute delight. The countryside provides tasty ingredients to create yummy and original cuisine. Monkfish with candied lemon, chicken with honey tajine, amlou at breakfast, saffron rice boulettes.... 


Relax yourself at the hammam or the spa and enjoy a massage or a skin care with argan oil, the iconic tree of the region. Intrigued? Leave the coast and visit a women cooperative where they make cosmetic and edible oil based on traditional techniques.

7. Being athletic

The air in Agadir infused with Eucalyptus makes you feel dynamic. Let's dive into the water: from water scooter to sailboat or stand up paddle the choice is yours. Do you want something more thrilling? Why don't you try parasailing? Don’t fancy getting into the water? Try riding a camel or a horse on the beach at sunset? You will make yourself unforgettable memories! Further East, in the mountains of the Anti-Atlas, walk, ride or cycle tortuous lanes and forget everything! Let's go green: in Agadir, you will enjoy golfing with a view!

golf agadir

8. Going to paradise

A few miles away, hidden in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, there is Paradise Valley. You will discover natural pools of turquoise water in the mountain side and wildlife in the palm and date trees. Go for a hike and at the end, you will be awarded: chairs and tables are waiting for you in the oued.

9. Being adventurous

Let's explore! There is the National Park of Souss Moussa where 250 birds and mammals live in a wildlife sanctuary. In Tifnit, History is written in the rocks. The holes you will see are remains of troglodyte caves.

10. Seeing Coco

Not Chanel but the medina. Further away from the city center, surrounded by eucalyptus, the new, surprising and extraordinary design is Coco Polizzi's. The Italian architect fell in love with the jewel of the Moroccan South. Restaurants and shops are located in the 4.5-hectare medina built following the traditional techniques of building with the Atlas stones and pisé.

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