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Top things to do in Lausanne

#insiderTips 12 - Lausanne

Unlock the secrets of Lausanne with our team! Swiss-born or adopted locals Claudia, Martina, Nadine, Alexander, Lukas and Thomas take you on a tour of Lausanne and share insider tips so you can explore the city in a different light.

#insiderTips 12 - Experience Lausanne -

A new way to explore Lausanne: Foxtrail
What better way to discover Lausanne than a treasure hunt throughout the city with friends? Foxtrail is a quest to find a fox hidden somewhere in the city. It’s a fun and original treasure hunt that lets you discover or rediscover Lausanne in a totally different light! Pay attention, work together and think quick to catch him! 
By following the different trails, we visited the Escaliers du Marché, a charming, narrow street with wood and stone stairways. It took us towards the beautiful Notre-Dame de Lausanne Cathedral. Take a break and enjoy a drink at the Barbare bar, located on this pleasant street. 

35 meter-high tower

A breathtaking view in Lausanne?
Here, it was a view, rather than a building or monument, which stuck out in our mind. During the treasure hunt, we discovered the Tour de Sauvabelin.  
This 35 meter-high tower, made of locally sourced solid wood, is located in upper Lausanne. Climb its 302 steps for an amazing panoramic view over Lausanne and Lake Geneva. It’s simply unforgettable... 
What’s the most original thing heard in Lausanne? 
Since 1405, the watch at the cathedral shouts out the time during the night! Initially, this was done from 9 pm till dawn to survey any possible fire outbreaks. Today, however, the watch announces the time five times a night, 365 days a year, between 10 pm and 2 am.
Coco Chanel: a local figure
Visitors may not know that Coco Chanel, though French, fell in love with Lausanne. After residing here for many years, she decided to be buried at the Bois-de-Vaux cemetery.  You too will fall for the unique charm of Lausanne!

Lausanne’s most memorable feature
One thing you’ll never forget about Lausanne is the unique and exceptional view over Lake Geneva. With Lausanne’s elevation above the water and the surrounding mountains which plunge vertically into crystalline waters, the panoramic view is breathtaking. If you go from Lausanne to Zurich, take the train, which runs along the coast, to enjoy an incredible view. 

station of lausanne

Where can a visitor go for a taste of Lausanne?
After a day out exploring, enjoy an end-of-day cocktail with friends in a relaxed setting. We recommend the Café Saint Pierre, on Place Benjamin Constant, not even five minutes from the train station. The café offers a wide range of finger foods. Make your choice and succumb! A nice feature? The pencil and checklist given to guests to order their food.
What is Lausanne’s must-try culinary specialty?
In Lausanne and the Vaud region generally, meat fans should try the Vaudois sausage. Also not to missed is sausage with cabbage, often served with a ‘papet’, another local specialty made with potatoes and leeks.  It’s heavenly.
What languages are spoken in Lausanne?
Lausanne is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, so the main language is French. However with such a large international community here, we heard a multitude of different languages. 
In fact, Lausanne is so international that Thomas, a Frenchman, ordered a coffee in English without thinking!
What are some local expressions?
One very famous expression on both sides of the French/Swiss border is: “The lake’s not on fire!” For us, that’s the perfect comeback to anyone trying to rush you through your visit of Lausanne! 

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