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The top 10 unusual places to visit in Berlin

Get off the beaten track in Berlin with 10 original places to visit

Very few European cities have such a complex history. Explore the best of Berlin from its pre- and post-Cold War days with our top 10 unusual places to visit. An intriguing past and a fascinating present: experience Berlin for yourself!

Trabant rues berlin

1. Trabi Safari: explore Berlin in a Trabant

The first of our top 10 unusual places to visit in Berlin isn’t just one place: it’s lots of them! If you want to soak up the atmosphere in Berlin, driving around is the perfect way to find out more about the city, its history and its geography. And of course, you’ve got to choose a Trabant, the iconic East German car, to make your way round the city!
Trabi Safari - www.trabi-safari.de
Berlin karaoké mauerpark

2. Mauerpark for a Sunday singsong

Berlin has become a truly unmissable destination, thanks to the city’s unique atmosphere. Don’t believe us? Visit Mauerpark on a Sunday to see it for yourself! The park hosts huge karaoke sessions where everyone can enjoy a few minutes of fame, whatever their level. It’ll put you in a great mood and is bound to put a smile on your face.
Mauerpark, every Sunday - Berlin
Berlin pique nique ancien aeropor templehof

3. The old Tempelhof airport for a picnic

For fans of history, Tempelhof isn’t just an airport, it’s a legendary site! It was one of the first commercial airports in Europe and played a vital role during the Cold War as a link between Berlin, cut off by the Russians, and the rest of Germany. There are no planes there now; enjoy a picnic in the sunshine in its huge grounds instead.
Berlin-Tempelhof airport - Get off the U-bahn at Platz der Luftbrücke or Paradestraße

4. Berghain for a night out in Berlin

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has been at the forefront of European techno and underground culture. If you want to dive headfirst into Berlin's nightlife, go to Berghain. This iconic techno club is housed in a former power plant - and it certainly has a real buzz about it!
Berghain - Am Wriezener Bahnhof - Berlin Friedrichshain
Berlin teufelsberg coucher de soleil

5. Teufelsberg: the Cold War under the stars...

So you’re a fan of spy novels, street art, slam poetry or urbex (the latest craze)? Then you definitely need to visit Teufelsberg! With its 3 abandoned domes overlooking a wooded hill, this former American listening station is now famous for its graffiti and its post-apocalyptic atmosphere (fans of Mad Max will love it!). It’s the best place to watch the sun set! 
Radarstation Teufelsberg - Teufelsseechaussee 10 - Berlin

6. Himmelbeet community garden: where tomatoes grow in the heart of the city!

The environment and veganism have long been hot topics in Germany. So it’s not surprising to find this fantastic community garden in Berlin. Its aim? “More justice, more togetherness, more opportunities.” Whether you’re in the mood for some socialising with a beautifully bohemian background or just curious, Himmelbeet is not to be missed!
Himmelbeet - Ruheplatzstrasse 12 - Berlin

7. See Berlin by boat, without a licence

Fans of the great outdoors will also find plenty to enjoy in Berlin! Stroll around its huge parks or try your hand at sailing in its lakes and rivers. If you love being out on the water, take advantage of the city’s licence-free boat rentals and sail around at your own pace in the heart of the German capital!
There are several options for licence-free boat rentals: Tegeler See, Wansee and Havel.
Collection feuerle ancien bunker berlin

8. The Feuerle Collection: a museum in an old bunker

Make your way to the hip neighbourhood of Kreuzberg to visit a private museum which has recently opened in an old bunker! See gallery owner Désiré Feuerle’s magnificent collection which combines international contemporary art with Asian treasures. Please note that you need to be 16 or over to visit the museum. Remember to confirm your visit before you set off for the Feuerle Collection too.
Feuerle Collection - Hallesches Ufer 70 - Berlin

9. Prinzipal Kreuzberg, a cabaret with a German feel

See a different side to Berlin’s nightlife: enjoy a crazy night out at this burlesque cabaret! Sit back and watch this colourful show with a decidedly 20s feel; even better, sip on some of the city’s best cocktails while enjoying the show!
Prinzipal Kreuzberg - Oranienstrasse 178 – Berlin

10. An ice cream in an Eisdiele, whatever the weather

Who said that ice creams are an Italian speciality? Germans love ice cream: there are as many ice-cream parlours in Berlin as there are pharmacies! Treat yourself to a sit-down at one of them and enjoy a banana split or a scoop of Black Forest ice cream. The more adventurous should try Spaghetti-Eis: spaghetti strands of vanilla ice cream drizzled with raspberry coulis and grated coconut.
Your trip to the German capital isn’t over yet! After exploring these top 10 unusual places to visit, finish your visit to Berlin on a high with this must-see attraction!

Spy Museum: Berlin, James Bond style

The city of Berlin is a symbol of the Cold War and has been home to innumerable spies over course of the 20th century. There are undoubtedly still a few lurking in the shadows — they may even be right next to you! A visit to the Spy Museum is a truly interactive, high-tech experience. Try out gadgets worthy of James Bond and relive the exciting history of espionage featuring Julius Caesar, Mata Hari, Edward Snowden and many more.
Spy Museum - Leipziger Pl. 9 - Berlin

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