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As any lover of culture and the fine arts would know, a concert hall can make or break any musical event. From the architecture to the acoustics, every detail in a concert plays a major part of audience experience. Today concert halls serve as important landmarks of a city, contributing to its history, design and art. We’ve put together a list of famous concert halls around the world that we love to visit over and over again.

Boston Symphony Hall

Built principally for the iconic Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), the Boston Symphony Hall is an architectural and cultural landmark in the USA and internationally. The concert hall was built in 1900 for the BSO, who still call the symphony hall home till date. Austrian born music director Wilhelm Gericke led the inaugural gala on October 15th 1900, and since then the Boston Symphony Hall has showcased some of the most influential and finest concerts in the world. The concert hall has undergone plenty of wear and tear, but was redesigned and had its floor reconstructed in 2006 – with special attention paid to keep the original outstanding acoustics of the hall. The original shoebox model of the hall was inspired by the old Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany. A fun fact about the Boston Symphony Hall is that Beethoven is the only musician to have his name inscribed on a plaque over the stage.

Sydney Opera House

A landmark of Australia and an architectural marvel of the world, the Sydney Opera House is easily recognised all around the world. The building opened to the public in 1973, however its original design was proposed and accepted in 1957. Danish architect Jørn Utzon worked on his initial drawings throughout the 1960s to ensure the complicated ‘shells’ of the hall could be constructed. The Sydney Opera house comprises of key buildings and facilities including a recording studio, a 398 seater playhouse, drama theatre, party venue, restaurants and the key concert hall that serves as home for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The Sydney Opera House has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a key landmark on the Sydney skyline. 

Berliner Philharmonie

Known for its unique tent-like façade, the Berliner Philharmonie opened in 1963 and is known all over the world for its attractive design and contemporary acoustics – with a bright yellow exterior. Built in an area that has suffered great turmoil, the Berliner Philharmonie sits just west of the former Berlin Wall. German architect Bernhard Hans Henry Scharoun designed the building in the aftermath of the Second World War, using themes of social acceptance and innovation. The Berliner Philharmonie offer exceptional quality in terms of acoustics, it is believed that no matter where you are seated, you can hear the music clearly. Famous directors, musicians and performers who have appeared at the Berliner Philharmonie over the years include Carlos Kleiber, Leonard Bernstein, Alfred Brendel and one of the greatest conductors of our century – George Szell.

Royal Albert Hall

In 1867, the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch Queen Victoria laid the red granite foundation stone for the Royal Albert Hall, which she named in memory of her late husband Prince Albert. The concert hall opened to the public in 1871, and has seen many influential artists since that time – ranging from classical music and rock concerts to award ceremonies and film screenings. The world’s biggest classical music festival, The Proms, is held at the Royal Albert Hall and brings together some of the biggest names in music to perform on one platform. Some of the most famous faces to grace the concert hall include Muhammed Ali, Daniel Craig, Led Zeppelin, Barry White, Sir Tom Jones, Dame Julie Andrews, The Spice Girls and even Bill Clinton. 

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Located in Downtown Los Angeles in California, Walt Disney Concert Hall opened in 2003 and is part of the Los Angeles Music Centre. The Los Angeles Philharmonic call the Walt Disney Concert Hall home, performing over 13 concerts per season. Walt Disney Concert Hall is recognised globally for its impeccable mix of great design with perfect harmonics. Since it is one of the newer concert halls of its size, it has a contemporary sound system and boasted of the most successful concert hall openings in American history. Architect Frank Gehry designed the building along with the façade of the famous concert organ that was used in the 2004 National Convention of the American Guild of Organists. The Walt Disney Concert Hall has served as a backdrop and venue for numerous films, music videos and television shows since its opening.

Dubai Opera

The newest addition on this list, the Dubai Opera opened its doors to public on the 31st of August 2016 with a concert by Plácido Domingo. Construction of Dubai Opera started in 2003, and the structure is a part of Downtown Dubai which is home to Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains. The concert hall was designed by Janus Rostock to take the shape of an icon of the region - the dhow. What makes Dubai Opera so unique is its ability to transform for almost any form of performance from ballet and opera to concerts and exhibitions. The theatre can accommodate 1901 seats, and even more when converted to a ‘flat floor’ space. Popular international shows that are scheduled to perform at Dubai Opera include CATS, The Nutcracker on Ice and Les Miserables.

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