Terms and Conditions

The ALL card number must be specified in the personal information on the order page on Luggage Free order page. The ALL card must be currently valid.

1. Channels available for ALL members to book shipment are:

-Luggage Free, ALL dedicated website : www.luggagefree.com/allaccorclassic/

2. Earning Rewards Points

-ALL members receive 3 Rewards points for every 1 euro spend on the final charges for any order placed on Luggage Free, ALL dedicated website on www.luggagefree.com/allaccorclassic/.

-ALL member number must be presented at the time of booking.

3. ALL Member Benefits (1)

-Classic Members: $25USD discount off first order.*

-Silver Members: 10% off on orders.

-Gold Members: 15% off on orders.

-Platinum Members: 20 % off on orders + Dedicating shipping concierge

-Diamond Status: 20 % off on orders. + Dedicating shipping concierge + a private representative will come to point of departure and collect the luggage within two (2) hours instead of four (4) hours. The agent will take care of paperwork and tagging.

*Valid on orders retailed over $200

4. ALL Member Benefits (2)

If the member finds that Rewards points have not been credited within a maximum delay of 6 weeks following their Luggage Free booking through the Luggage Free link on the ALL partner page, the member can make a claim by completing the claim form available on all.accor.com. The member should explain the subject of the claim and attach supporting documents, within six months following date of purchase. For Rewards points to be credited, the invoice corresponding to the claim must be in the name of the ALL cardholder.

For all claims that do not concern Rewards points, members should contact the Luggage free service www.luggagefree.com.