Terms and conditions related to E-Rewards partnership

  1. List of participating countries
  2. Earning Rewards points

ALL loyalty program - terms and conditions related to E-Rewards partnership.

List of participating countries

Rewards points may be earned in the following countries:

Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, , Mexico, New Zealand.

Earning Rewards points

ALL members will receive 250 Rewards points for their first survey made with E-Rewards.

Each following survey validated by E-Rewards will enable a member to accumulate opinion points and convert them into Rewards points, according to the following conversion scales:

- 2,000 opinion points = 275 Rewards points
- 4,000 opinion points = 625 Rewards points
- 6,000 opinion points = 1,000 Rewards points

To earn Rewards points, members must subscribe to the E-Rewards programme and enter the number of their Le Club Accor card in their personal account on the E-Rewards site.

A maximum of six weeks is necessary to carry out a transfer of points to the destination Le Club Accor account. When opinion points are converted into Rewards points, they are subject to the general conditions of use corresponding to the ALL loyalty programme.