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Особенности отеля

  • Large free enclosed car park

  • Labeled ALLSAFE

  • 24/7 reception

  • Cabrio rooms, with private showers and WC

  • All-you-can-eat buffet breakfast

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hotelF1 Nice Villeneuve Loubet

Allée Nolis, Le Logis du Bonneau

GPS:43.628015, 7.129596

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  • Парковка
  • Можно с животными
  • Доступ на инвалидном кресле
  • Wi-Fi
  • Кондиционер
  • Завтрак
  • Курение на территории отеля запрещено

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Отзывы наших гостей

Отзывы наших гостей

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Рейтинг ALL  3.8/5  Отзывов: 633

Рейтинг TripAdvisor  2.5/5  Отзывов: 170

SCAM on money, we got robbed

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

Bold Семьи - Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

Lets start with: SCAM, how they ROBBED us .. we were about to arrive at the airport at 3 am, on web we read that taxi should be boooked in advance since in the night there is low to none availability. To secure the trip and to be sure that our car arrives as promised, we decided to order not by ourselves but thru reception. The girl on reception first replied with “i dont know the number for taxi” and then “oh no wait i have a friend ill call her and ask her for a taxi” the girl at the reception then confirmed that the taxi will pick us up. An average car pulls up at night, not a taxi at all, not even uber, no license no uber app, no navigation. We asked about the price, driver said something between 17 and 70 i asked again with the highlight sevenTEEn, or sevenTY, almost spelled it by letters, he then replied 17, clearly , i then added “oh, sevenTEEn ?! Okay then” Uber costs from our place to airport around 20-30 and basic taxis were 30-40 Since it obviously looked like the fboy of the girl from the reception was no taxi no uber we decided that maybe he just wanna earn extra cash and working as “driver” after the “real job” Got to the airport he says that it is 70!!! Im trying to explain that those are not the prices , we checked online on cab and uber and prices were 20-40 I said to him i asked the price before we went and he said 17 and when i asked “17?” He relied yes. Then suddenly at the airport its “give me more money im not leaving” we were dealing for like 10 mins He said he is no uber and no taxi my question was “why are you here then, we ordered a TAXI” should have called the police but gave him money instead for him to just leave since he became annoying .... apart from that when we first arrived at the reception there were none to meet us , waited for like 10 min at 2pm!!! Then came “receptionist”who did not speak english, not at all!!! None of the stuff spoke proper or at least good english, i would rate their knowledge 2/10, .... there were a fire alarm one evening so we left the rooms and waited outside , the reception guy did not say a thing did not ask people to leave the kitchen, other rooms, he was just on the phone, and again he did not speak english , he did not do anything for the guests safety, he was “rescuing” himself ... the other day all the electricity went down, it was around 11am we were about to go for a walk/beach but our phones were not charging, no-one said nothing at the reception, not even why and when it will be back .... location is quite stupid, village with almost no shops around, and...well you will see ot yourself.. or will not , just the surroundings sucks.. old wild west Once one bus is going that direction And the bus from the airport to there costs 12-15 euro p/p for 10 mins only , even less .... rooms are not spacious and windows are tiny, clean rooms, bedsheets, toilets, showers, but not a big deal Just the cleanliness was the only plus ... how can a person on reception not know the number for the taxi, she said “sorry” cant you just google it? Like, staff was disgusting , girls next doors, nothing to do with hotel industry, hospitality, and customer service. Brought us her F(riend)boy on car and said “the TAXI will be here” wanted to carge us double as taxi not even being a taxi , 70 euro ride when we were on a budget in the CHITTY hostel for 170 euros for 3pers for 3 nights!!! Its like the half pf our stay for 10 min ride!!!! Where is the logic??? Where are the braincells?? Such a scam such a shame , you are a hotel staff you are about to do GOOD for the guests, wish u all the best; beach.

OK for the money

Примечание: Tripadvisor 3.0/5

DubVanCamper Solo travel - Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

Looking through the reviews here, I was braced for a dreadful experience, however I had to stay in this area and had few options without spending ridiculous money. I can honestly say, for a solo traveler, it was fine for a few hours sleep, with no issues with hygiene, noise, etc. the pillows are rubbish, but I had two on the double bed, so that was adequate. The receptionist spoke fluent English and was very helpful to me. In this price range, nothing comes close other than a hostel dormitory, and they are miles away in Nice centre.

Prison cell for rent

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

Arielle J Семьи - Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

I truly think prison is better then this place. Our room was cramp. The bunk bed was cool for the kids tho. The breakfast they offer for $5 is so bad toast and jelly plus water down coffee. This place is for people who are really on a budget like me. We had to stay here cause everywhere in nice France was hella expensive like $200 and up.

Don't Bother

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

SophieC3703 Solo travel - Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

Let me start this review by saying, I did not expect any form of luxury. I was on a trip of Europe which involved Hostels and log cabins which just had toilets showers and beds in. But this, this was awful, the only place that ever really made me feel homesick. Our room was on the ground floor - not far behind the 'reception' by reception, I also mean breakfast area, an area no bigger than the size of your room. The hotel itself is positioned behind the loading bay of the local supermarket and other various shops, down a alleyway that I wouldn't walk down myself when it started getting dark. When it comes to cleanliness, there isn't any. The room had a strange smell. When we arrived I went to use the shared toilets. The toilets are meant to be self cleaning - meaning that a human only bothers cleaning them once a day. Someone had been sick over the toilet and the floor, to which was still not cleaned over 12 hours later. Whilst I don't agree with people being sick and expecting someone else to clear up their mess, I would have thought that someone would have checked on these. The toilets were always soaking wet where they had attempted to 'self-clean' with toilet roll stuck everywhere, and they also had no hand washing facilities. The toilets and showers were also directly behind reception, so expect random strangers to see you wandering around in your towel. Now the showers, this was the only place i've ever stayed in where I've felt dirtier getting into a shower. Wear flip flips and don't touch anything (hence why I did not get dressed in the shower). My bed linen had a strange mark on it, so to be on the safe side I slept in my sleeping bag. Couldn't leave the window open because I didn't trust the surroundings being on the ground floor - even with the safety lock on the window someone could easily get there arm through, and couldn't open the blind, and it often sounded like their were people directly outside the rooms. Didn't even bother with 'Breakfast' - just go to the supermarket or local bakeries. Honestly - just save your money, i've stayed in €25/night hostels cleaner, nicer and safer than this place - my review has only touched on a few things.

find another "hotel"

Примечание: Tripadvisor 1.0/5

gibanica87 Деловые путешественники - Реальные отзывы TripAdvisor

If I may say this is a hotel isn't it? room ant got a bathrooom or a toilette!? 8 (eight) rooms use one single bathroom. no dinningroom, no wifi, got nothing! just a bad size of truck cabin bed. avoid it for a love of god! poor connection with anything you can call a civilisation!

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