ホテル イビスパリポルトドモントルイユ 3 つ星

お客さまの声 3.7/5 4,905 件のレビュー


客室 1



Accor Live Limitless



  • ステータスポイントとリワードポイントが貯まります

  • リワードポイントを使うことができます

  • 特典を利用します

  • メンバー限定料金が利用可能

+ 15 サービス


  • 全面改装済みの客室と設備

  • セキュリティ付き駐車場 (追加料金)

  • 自然光が入るセミナールーム、コワーキングスペース、24時間対応のケータリング

  • 公共交通機関に近接:地下鉄9号線、57番バス、トラムT3b

  • Advantage 5





  • オンラインチェックイン
  • Wi-Fi/インターネットアクセス
  • 駐車場
  • お身体の不自由なお客さまのためのバリアフリー
  • ペット同伴可有料サービス
  • 完全禁煙ホテル
  • エアコン
  • フロントデスクは24時間対応しています
  • 朝食有料サービス
  • レストラン1軒
  • バー1軒
  • テニス (周辺)
  • 会議室3室
  • Web コーナー



2, avenue du Professeur André
75020 パリ

電話番号: +33143631616

ファックス: (+33)1/43633132







  • 飛行機で

    PARIS ORLY 18km / 11.25 マイル

  • 飛行機で

    PARIS ROISSY CDG 25km / 15.63 マイル - シャトルバス有料

  • 車で

    A1 2km / 1.25 マイル

  • 車で

    A13 7km / 4.38 マイル

  • 車で

    A3 5km / 3.13 マイル

  • 電車で

    PARIS EST 5km / 3.13 マイル

  • 電車で

    PARIS GARE DE LYON 3km / 1.88 マイル

GPS:48.854452, 2.415361




  • 最大人数: 2
  • 面積: 最小 12 / 129 sq ft
  • ビュー: パノラマビュー, 街側, 中庭側 *

* ホテルの空室状況に応じる

  • 客室内Wi-Fi
  • 高速インターネット
  • 衛星 / ケーブルテレビ
  • アイロン


  • 最大人数: 2
  • ビュー: 街側, 中庭側 *

* ホテルの空室状況に応じる

  • 客室内Wi-Fi
  • 高速インターネット
  • 衛星 / ケーブルテレビ

スタンダードルーム: ダブルベッド1台とシングルベッド1台

  • 最大人数: 3
  • 面積: 最小 12 / 129 sq ft
  • ビュー: 中庭側, 街側 *

* ホテルの空室状況に応じる

  • 客室内Wi-Fi
  • 高速インターネット
  • 衛星 / ケーブルテレビ

スタンダードルーム: シングルベッド3台

  • 最大人数: 3
  • 面積: 最小 12 / 129 sq ft
  • ビュー: 中庭側, 街側 *

* ホテルの空室状況に応じる

  • 客室内Wi-Fi
  • 高速インターネット
  • 衛星 / ケーブルテレビ



お料理の種類: 郷土料理

The pleasure of good food, à la carte. Mealtimes throughout your stay means the chance to discover the culinary wonders of our ibis restaurants, ready to welcome you 7 days a week, 365 days a year, open from at least 7:00pm to 10:30pm every night.


12:00 - 14:30


19:00 - 22:30








  • 会議室の数:3

  • 最大サイズ:135 m²

  • 最大ご利用人数:110 人

  • パーティの最大ご利用人数:100 人





確認済みレビュー アコーホテルズ 3.7/5

4,905 件のレビュー


トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

1,094 件のレビュー

Average hotel, good price/benefit

トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

ChrisEhvNL Family - 19/02/2020 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Good price quality, the hotel needs some renovations/refreshments, breakfast too expensive for choice/quality, close to subway, but in a not so nice neighborhood, reception was fast and efficient, parking in the streets around is possible

Paris Porte de Montreuil

トリップアドバイザーの評価 2.0/5

charliepainter19 Family - 21/08/2019 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Reception was a building site and the lift took us up to the wrong floor, which was all very odd. Room key worked (ie: activated green light), but did not allow entry into room, so requested to be allocated to a new room. Very tired bathroom. The room itself was fine, but tired bathroom, but it did have a very comfy bed, which made up for the other aspects.

Elevator issues

トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

Inspire442467 Family - 23/06/2019 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Out of 3 elevators only 2 are working. I am in the 12th floor, took the elevetor at 10:00am and got it at 10:35am. Even at night you have to queue to go up for at least 10mins. Another problem we had is the elevator going to the under ground parking. The usual it is not working.

Expensive stay in Paris

トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

Global28905445220 Business - 09/06/2019 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

+ve: clean room, efficient and polite reception staff, just about the only non-5 star hotel room available in Paris for my dates. -ve: very small & very basic, extremely expensive, basic breakfast, lifts that were completely unable to cope with the demand, wrong side of the Peripherique

Hotel or a shelter for homeless!

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

ISHTIAQ K Family - 23/12/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

I am not exaggerating when I say that we were highly disappointed and felt DEPRESSED when we steeped in the lobby leading to the room it smelled like an Indian kitchen and felt really depressed when we open the door to the room , my daughter almost cried and I fel chlotsterphbic as the Room photographs were misleading , it was a very “TINY” room and even more tiny toilet! There were no amenities in the room accept for a TV. We did not have enough space to even store or put down our suit cases . What’s worse was that tthe he carpet was filthy and stained and we did feel comfortable to move around without wearing shoes. I am only 5’ 7” inch tall with a small frame and yet sitting on the toilet my knees were very close to the toilet door , which by the was was badly water damaged at the bottom . The worst part was when I walked into the very small standup shower , while I was taking my shower I noticed the shower water was not draining and my feet were submerged in the water and my body soap I quickly finished my shower before the water overflowed out side of the shower floor . Once I stepped out it took a good 15 minutes for the water to drain leaving my floor dirty. I have never been in a hotel so bad , the hotel is very far from the city attractions and located in a low income neighborhood . The web site photo of the hotel does not justify how bad it actually looked in person. What’s worse was this one hotel had two standards 1 Hotel ibis and the other Hotel ibis budget and when I asked I was informed that up to 5 floors it is known as a Hotel ibis budget and over 5 floors it is known as Hotel ibis de Montruel . The room window was like a window in a storage room , it was not your regular hotel window , standing up the window started as high as to my shoulders , it was about 18 inch wide and and close to 7 feet wide so you can guess it felt like we were ina jails cell. I have taken photographs of the bath tub standing water with my feet submerged in the water waste and the ever so tiny room where two persons cannot pass side by side and the room smelled old. The hotel should have NO stars . The Mercedes shuttle driver who picked us up had quickly left the neighborhood after dropping us . Even the room entry and toilet door was about 24 inch wide approximately . It was too late for us to change the hotel . The first night in the rom was depressing and we did not feel like coming back to the hotel at the end of each day. I feel WE SHOULD be given a REFUND.

Confusing but reasonably priced

トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

FrenchJon Solo travel - 03/12/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Well firstly, the layout of this hotel is very confusing as it shares its reception area, night-time entrance and breakfast area with the Ibis Budget hotel. Then the second confusing issue was that, having chosen something at 6pm from the 24/7 menu, I was told the kitchen wasn't open. The only compensating issue was the price for this hotel - it was about the most reasonably priced in its bracket.

Find somewhere else

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

cyvonne s Couples - 02/07/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Horrible service. Initially gave me the key to someone else’s room, no apology. Had a pass delivered to the hotel before I arrived as we only had 2 days in Paris. They insisted they never recieved it, wasted 3 hours going to the tourist office and back- the manager had it on his desk. No compensation for wasted time. Rooms are horriblly dated, water stains everywhere and only 1 power point.

Good experience.

トリップアドバイザーの評価 4.0/5

jeffreyjmfranssen Friends getaway - 06/06/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Hotel is very easy to find. Staff was friendly and spoke English. Overal the room was great, however when I first came into the room I could smell that the previous guest had been smoking in the room (but that's not the hotel's fault). Also the shower was broken, but they fixed it immediately after I told the reception. But in general I had a good experience.

Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. Necessary measures will be taken quickly. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service


トリップアドバイザーの評価 4.0/5

catanadenisa Couples - 15/05/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

The location is not so good because in week is a market in front, but if is close to metro station and near Carrefour. The room was clean and the personal was nice. The room is a bit small. View to Eiffel tower

Dear Madam, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service

Smelly, dirty, and small

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

shadiandzac Couples - 23/04/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

If you like small smelly places with carpet hardened from decades of unknown spilled substances than you will love this Ibis. My wife and I were completely shocked at the lack of any regard for 'standards' that we ever thought the Ibis brand provided. This place should be shut down for a complete renovation or at least they shouldn't charge people to stay in un-renovated rooms. The top 3 floors have been renovated and are still small (typical) but at least 'new' and 'clean' a far cry from the smelly holes-called rooms in the lower floors. Please, please if you book this hotel call in advance and demand a room in either floors 12, 14, or 15. Do not accept a room on any other floor. I warn you. The plus is most of the staff understand that the hotel is awful and some seemed embarrassed about its state. The staff were mostly helpful.

Dear Sir, Thank you for the comments about your stay in our establishment. Our teams and their managers will quickly take steps to ensure that this does not recur. Please accept our apologies for all these problems. Sincerely yours, Hervé Leroy Head of the sales department and debtors.


トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

zee198 Couples - 08/02/2018 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Average hotel Nothing special, a box room with not much space. Not many channels on the TV, and no subtitles in other languages either. The view was nice, but you couldn’t see much from the room as we were in a back room.

Worst welcome received in 5 years of Accor Experience

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

lemairee2015 Business - 26/09/2017 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

I had the very unpleasant experience after a 12 hours flight to be received by the night team of your IBIS Paris requesting for original ID and original Credit Card from which the payment has been done online. Not having those documents on me as left in my bag, I had to go back home (30 minutes) to get the documents as the local crew didn't allow to wait the next day. I understand the process but the attitude of the personnel was horrible and even over the top regarding the time and situation. They didn't propose any alternative and even laughed at me when I told them I didn't have time to read my emails. Nothing to say about the Hotel itself but this welcome package was the worst I had from your group since a few years.

Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. Necessary measures will be taken quickly. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service

More like a 2 star

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

242chandnid Couples - 02/06/2017 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Wouldnt stay here again, cuboard as a bathroom, booked a double, got a twin - no urgency from staff to change this, ended up with the same room until check out. Kept being asked to speak to manager; and ofcourse the manager was never in. The bathroom tray over filled with water and again no one came to fix it even! dirty limescale on the walls. And the irony of all.. we had a leaflet saying 'we have 15 mins to sort your problem, or your our guest' but no we still very much paid! 1 extra point only for beds - atleast they were comfy! Never again!

Hello, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams and necessary measures will be taken quickly. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service


トリップアドバイザーの評価 2.0/5

Q9550FKsusank Solo travel - 23/04/2017 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

The receptionists were not helpful at all, and the temperature was cold in the room (no heating in April, nobody could bring me an extra blanket). The elevators are slow. I would definitely not recommend this hotel!

Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. Necessary measures will be taken quickly. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service

Nice hotel with easy access by car

トリップアドバイザーの評価 4.0/5

Jens H Couples - 25/05/2016 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Nice hotel with the new Ibis design. easy access by car and very nice parking facilities. Chopping center with Carrefour market just round the corner and the Metro station is just on the other side of the roundabout.

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service

Good hotel, convenient location

トリップアドバイザーの評価 4.0/5

johnlY7002BH Family - 05/03/2016 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

New décor, comfortable beds; can never work out what if any welcome drink I'm entitled to as an Accor silver member; wasn't offered one on this occasion. Bed comfortable; very warm duvet! Shower good.

merci beaucoup

トリップアドバイザーの評価 4.0/5

Yevheniia05 Friends getaway - 18/02/2016 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Hello, I am very glad with this hotel in Paris. The room was new, on the 15th floor, where we observed the Eiffel Tower from the hall next to the elevator. The room was perfect, the only thing was that the window didn't open, and the desire of fresh air (as much as it is possible in Paris) was enormous... Thank you for this stay!

Dear all, Thank you for your comments , which help us to improve the quality of our work. We will share them with our teams. We hope to welcome you again a next time. Best regard, Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Service

Not worth its price

トリップアドバイザーの評価 2.0/5

papcio24 Business - 10/05/2015 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Dirty room with very small bathroom. Only one electric socket in room so you can't plug laptop and phone in the same time. No fridge. The best is very kind and helpful crew. I really don't know why it's three stars hotel.

Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to write us after staying at Ibis Paris Porte De Montreuil. We are sorry that the service and delivery were not living up to your expectations, and we urge you to accept our sincerest apologies. Our hotel is willing to offer you the best quality service for your stays. Therefore, your opinion is very valuable. We have already met our teams to raise awareness on all of your comments and take immediate action. Again, we thank you for your comments and hope to regain your confidence in a future stay. In anticipation of welcoming you, please accept, Sir, the assurances of our best wishes. Hervé Leroy Commercial & Accounts Manager

the worst hotel expirience in my life

トリップアドバイザーの評価 1.0/5

Gregoriowp Couples - 27/10/2014 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

localizatiotio: good price: not high but not worth it space/size: small quality of the bad: bad shower: fair air condicioner: bad cleanliness: terrible, terrible and terrible...the carpet was awful and me and my wife had sinusitis/allergy hability of the employees to sove problems: bad


トリップアドバイザーの評価 3.0/5

desceq Couples - 05/06/2014 トリップアドバイザー認証口コミ

Hotel location is good (nearly metro and carrefour) but aroud is not good. Bad was really comfortable but room need to be renovated. Water was expensive in machine. Next time I will try different IBIS HOTEL.

Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience at the ibis Paris Porte De Montreuil. I am sorry that your experience did not meet your expectations; please allow me to express my sincerest apologies. We appreciate your sharing your concerns, and it is our hope that you will give us the opportunity to better serve you in the near future. Sincerely,


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