Adventure is back 

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Having your oldest friends by your side is one of life’s genuine pleasures. And knowing you can all get away together again is joy itself. Those hours of laughing, talking, unwinding and just being together are back. 

The world is ripe for the picking. So you need to start making plans.

To give you complete peace of mind, at our hotels, you can expect a super-clean welcome with rigorous #ALLSAFE cleanliness protocols to keep everything spick and span, all day, every day of your stay. 

Europe is your playground: go wine tasting in Vienna, relax together in the spas of Bregenz and Budapest, see history and the future side by side in Berlin, and explore the fascinating museums of London, Moscow and Amsterdam.

Adventure is back, and we are ready for you. Book now! 

Wien auf den zweiten


A classic city break, Vienna is home to music and majestic architecture. Book an evening at the Vienna State Opera or stroll the city’s dramatic wide boulevards, stopping for that beer, wine or coffee and cake somewhere spectacular. 



Brussels is a city with a very warm welcome and an impressive collection of waffles, frites and chocolate. You could eat your way through your break or explore the city’s stunning museums and art galleries, too. Pop to the Atomium for incredible views. 



You have to see the rainbow domes of St Basil’s Cathedral. Red Square is a must. And you can’t visit Moscow without touring the Kremlin. From the stunning palaces to the iconic parks and the world-class culture, make the most of Moscow with ibis!



Fantastically photogenic, Amsterdam is alive with shopping, sensational dining and tonnes of tulips for those all-important group photos. A jaunt on a canal cruise or an afternoon bike ride to the windmills ticks all the right boxes.



Bring your camera to Luxembourg for the views of the old town from the Corniche, for jaunty shots of the ancient fortifications, for lush trees framing the city in spring. Mooch around the modern art at MUDAM before an evening at the Mousel brewery. 

Hotele w Warszawie


People watch from a cobbled-street café in popular Praga before exploring Warsaw’s fascinating past. Take a peaceful wander through Powazki Cemetery, see the St Anne’s Church frescoes and explore Warsaw’s picturesque palaces and manicured gardens.



London is the beating heart of the UK. Dine on global cuisine in its international restaurants. Book in for an unforgettable evening of world-class theatre, then take a Champagne brunch with a view at the TATE Modern.