Sport and recreation

Africa is a continent of nuances. Offering a great variety of landscapes, it becomes possible to live one's passions in a constantly surprising, exalting way. Emeritus golfers will reveal all their ingenuity along many courses. Water sports lovers will always find unique experiences, depending on the countries and beaches practiced. Those who love the great expanses of land will fall in love with landscapes with imposing reliefs and breathtaking colors. Renew your experience by exploring and visiting eclectic and diverse landscapes.

Passion for astonishment

Go to the driving range or offer yourself 18 holes in wonderful landscapes and courses perfectly designed by planetary golf references. Explore a wide range of situations allowing you to perfect every aspect of your game and explore your passion in depth.
Novice or initiated golfers, many courses will renew your practice every second. From Marrakech to Abidjan, explore a diverse field of possibilities.
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Learn to interact with lush and changing wildlife. Discover surprising and dynamic environments. Adventure in the heart of nature and always make memorable takes.
Whether you visit Kinshasa, Dakar or Malabo, the pleasure you will get from your fishing sessions will be renewed with the discovery of each new landscape. Learn to encounter, with natural, a marine fauna impressive by its diversity.
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Water Sports
Launch yourself and your board, alone in the world, on powerful and endless rollers within idyllic frames. Learn how to tame the tides and interact with the ocean. Whether you are passionate about surfing or windsurfing, the possibilities are limitless.
Drawn by the winds of Essaouira or pushed by the Ivorian waves, Africa will surprise you with its great wealth of currents and winds. On a board or aboard a sailboat, explore the seas in your own way.
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Motor sports
In buggy, quad, karting or 4x4, there are many mounts to explore the African expanses. Mix unique sensations with extraordinary discoveries in landscapes worthy of a cinema setting. Live serenely the intensity of your expeditions and always go further in your wild explorations.
Engage in Buggy expeditions to Essaouira or explore the depths of Senegalese nature and explore surprisingly sculpted reliefs.
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