Africa is a continent where arid savannahs rub shoulders with fertile plains. Within this eclectic landscape, it becomes possible to live experiences as numerous as there are different situations. Dare to brave the unknown and venture into these wild lands. Whether you are fond of large expanses or ocean lovers, unique experiences will allow you to nourish your desires at every moment. Approach each landscape from a different perspective. Whether you want land expeditions lasting several days or parachute jumps, each place will offer you exceptional emotions.

More than a trip, a life experience.

Parachute Jumping
Parachuting is an exciting and amazing experience. Discover a wide variety of landscapes as you climb and renew your way of exploring the world.
Fly over the Ocean from Mauritius or the Atlas mountains near Marrakech and live unique experiences in fabulous natural pictures. Experience memorable sensations.
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Underwater Explorations
The ocean conceals reefs and species to admire and discover. The surprising flora of the seabed is inhabited by a great diversity of fauna. Experience thrills in wonderful settings.
Discover the amazing diving sites off the Ivory Coast and explore the wrecks Elephant, Calabar and Acacio to meet all the life that has clung to them over the years. Adventure in the depths of the Senegalese reefs and discover abundant natural sites, like the archipelago of the Magdalen Islands.
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Hiking & Safaris
On foot or on horseback, walk the land for long days in wild and shifting landscapes. Land expeditions are an extraordinary way to interact with nature. Landscapes that have retained their wild essence will offer you a sensory journey redefining your relationship to the world.
From the Somone lagoon near Dakar to the heights of the Ourika near Marrakech, through the wonders of the Congo River your natural desires will be fulfilled by preserved places. Explore unique places and learn to appreciate the world around you.
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Natural Reserves
Discover all the richness of the local fauna and flora thanks to reserves close to each city, welcoming various species to discover and meet. Plentiful ecosystems open their doors to you.
The Banco National Park in Abidjan will amaze you with its abundant and living forest. The luxuriant vegetation of the park of Malabo is nourished by oceanic scents that will offer you a magical setting.
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Meet the Dolphins
Experience a memorable encounter with one of the most fascinating creatures in the oceans. Swim with dolphins in the depths of the Indian Ocean and feel the magic of the deep sea.
Off Mauritius, it is possible to meet a multitude of dolphins and live unforgettable moments in a paradise setting.
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