The flavours are expressed with intensity in Africa. Thus, extraordinary gustatory journeys await you. Senegalese cuisine is based on hospitality, or "Terenga", it generally consists of a dish shared by all. Ivorian culinary art is rich in contributions from the ethnic diversity that makes up the country. Moroccan cuisine is characterized by contributions from both Berber tribes and Arab and Jewish cultures. These different cuisines are only a foretaste of what is possible to explore in Africa. Intuitive and tasty, the cuisines of the continent allow a rediscovery of the culinary art.

Awaken your palate to varied and exotic flavours

Mediterranean flavours
Mediterranean cuisine is light and warm. Both from marine and land products, it is a real promise of conviviality. As good for the taste buds as it is for the body, it will offer you a food as joyful as it is healthy.
Along the Mediterranean, our various restaurants will satisfy your culinary requirements by offering you products of an extreme freshness prepared to perfection.
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African Flavours
African cuisine is spicy and tasty. Of very diversified origin, it will not cease to surprise you by various detonating associations. Let yourself be surprised by a cuisine that ingeniously uses exceptional ingredients.
In the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, our many restaurants will awaken your taste buds and make you discover particularly tasty and refined preparations.
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Flavours of the World
Kitchens from a large number of countries are represented in our hotels. Each of your desires will be fulfilled by the diversity of recipes from around the world offered by our talented chefs. Africa is becoming a veritable land of culinary hospitality.
Cuisines from Asia, Europe and elsewhere are represented in our many international restaurants. With a deep respect for cultural traditions, we use the best ingredients to offer exceptional flavours.
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North African Flavours
North African cuisine is an explosion of flavours. As beautiful as it is tasty, it dares to marry sweet and salty in preparations that will awaken your palate. Often expressing itself in surprising ways, it is savoured by hand, reinventing your relationship with gastronomy.
Our North African restaurants continually visit and revisit local recipes offering spicy and tasty cuisine. Flavours meet smells in a unique sensory journey.
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Indian Flavours
Particularly spicy, Indian cuisine expresses a certain intensity of flavors that can surprise. Largely composed of Curry, it is an open door on the East and its colors.
It is possible to enjoy a wide variety of Indian dishes on Mauritius, rich in a particularly assertive Indian culture.
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