Art and Culture

The cultural cradle of the world, the continent reveals lands where culture and the sacred blend intimately. Opening its doors to a world of infinite nuances and numerous inspirations, Africa is an open-air museum. With an artistic energy and an exceptional history, the different regions reveal a humanity with a marked identity. Immerse yourself in every region, from sub-Saharan Africa to North Africa, to explore the essence of African culture.

Open your mind to a millennial culture

Cultural Festivals
Festivals await you everywhere in Africa, from sacred music to the 7th art, let yourself be carried away by the frenetic rhythms of the world and by the sensory explosion it promises you.
From the Festival des Musiques Sacrées de Fès to the Dakar International Film Festival, there are many opportunities to cultivate oneself and make one's imagination flourish in Africa.
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Museums & Exhibitions
Countless exhibitions await you, from the Museum of Civilizations in Côte d'Ivoire to the Texaf Bilembo in Kinshasa, via the Amazigh Heritage Museum in Agadir. Open yourself to a journey through time and culture!
Extraordinary museums will welcome you in every African metropolis. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech, the Musée des Civilisation Noires in Dakar or the Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires in Algiers are only a foretaste of the possibilities offered by the continent.
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Cities & Heritage
Unforgettable vestiges stand proudly under the sun, claiming the glories and dramas of the past. Lose yourself in narrow streets where souks and galleries mingle with the scents of fruits and spices. Architectures with an eternal soul will hypnotize you
The African heritage is rich with multiple cultural inspirations. Visit the extraordinary Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, enter the depths of the Kasbah of Algiers or explore the past at the Maison des Esclaves in Dakar.
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Markets & Medinas
The markets and medinas are privileged meeting places, offering a human journey within spaces teeming with local art and crafts. Rather than simply seeing, it becomes possible to meet traders in love with their cultures and having the will to share their origin.
From the wonderful medina of Jemaa El Fnaa in Marrakech to the depths of the Kermel market in Dakar, Africa will surprise you with a wide variety of atmospheres.
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Performing Arts & Urban Entertainment
A continent with boiling emotions, countless spontaneous events are to be discovered in Africa. Discover theatrical performances or dance shows that truly sculpt space.
Discover the genius of Moroccan artists at the Casablanca International Theatre Festival. Marvel at the arts and entertainment market in Abidjan and meet the Senegalese people at the Teranga Jam Fest Festival.
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