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Breathe deeper, sleep better, smile wider. Yes, we’re all back in lockdown, but outside is still there. Mother Nature still calls us to escape with her fresh winter sun, puddles of joy and paths of crunchy leaves. But for those moments the noise of life drowns out her call, Calm – the number one app for sleep, meditation and relaxation – is standing by to help you celebrate the simple things. Set its sweet melodic alarm so you can drift into a moment for you, take time out to breathe, reset and beat the lockdown blues with meditation, wellness and tips to reduce anxiety.

Be in your zone to feel, breathe, live. Snuggle into your favourite scarf and woolly hat and step out of your front door. One foot, then the next, and you’re away, amplifying life with a walk that will charge your body, mind and soul. Because – like that apple – a walk a day keeps the doctor away, strengthening your muscles and bones, seeing off illness and setting you up for a deep, restorative sleep.

Wander into a world of forest pinecones, mist-covered meadows and quiet wildlife. Stroll into adventures of undiscovered memories and just let go. Free your mind to live spectacular and take time to be you. All senses. All sensational.

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