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Europe is open. And so are we. We missed you! Knowing you’re coming back fills us with smiles.

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Outside is waiting. The journeys. The adventures. The moments. They’re craving for you to dip your toe in, to take a running leap, to plunge in. To escape. The time has come to wrap your arms around our world and never let go. Are you ready? We are.

We missed you and knowing you’re coming back fills us with smiles. While you were away, we did everything possible to anticipate your needs so you can explore Europe’s stunning cities and striking landscapes with confidence once again.

For you, we’ve taken our cleanliness procedures to the next level. Our newly launched ALLSAFE standards celebrate contact-free and spotlessness at check-in, in rooms, in your every experience. Jump back into your European adventures knowing our reinforced and strengthened protocols are there to welcome you back in full safety. ALL clean, ALL ready, ALLSAFE.

All you have to focus on is rediscovering this deliciously diverse continent. Remember those rolling fields, those striking skyscrapers,  those iconic museums, theatres and opera houses … and the food. All the amazing food.

So you can step away from ‘imagintravelling’ in your living room, gazing into your aeroplane-washing machine and bath-tubbing with your snorkel on. The wait is over. It’s time to escape. The world is open. And so are we. We’ve rolled out the red carpet, crisped our linen, refined our everyday and elevated indulgence.  Enjoy Accor, ALL for you.

Live now. Do more. Make the most of life, tax free. The UK government has cut tax rates for the hospitality industry from 20% to 5% and  it is therefore the perfect time to plan a trip to the UK.

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