Skinjay offers you the opportunity to combine a priceless moment of wellbeing with a daily ritual. Thanks to a concept that diffuses essential oils directly into your shower water, Skinjay helps you benefit from the positive effects of aromatherapy and aromachology, both on your skin and through inhalation, while you enjoy a rejuvenating moment of bliss. All Skinjay products adhere to a quality charter without any compromise: - 100% made in France - 100% natural ingredients - Capsules made from 100% recyclable materials Skinjay has already been adopted by many Accor properties. Now you can choose to transform your own shower into a true haven that's dedicated to your wellbeing.

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How about treating yourself to a daily hit of relaxation and blissful escape? Simply install the Skinjay module in your shower and select your essential oil shower capsules depending on how you're feeling and what the day holds. 2,000 Rewards points = 20 Euros Use your Rewards Points Use your Rewards Points Use your Rewards Points