Hi Inn Guangzhou Liwan

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Hi Inn Guangzhou Liwan

No. 134, Xihua Rd., Liwan

GPS:23.132507, 113.245493

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Les avis de nos clients

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Note TripAdvisor  4.0/5  36 avis


Note TripAdvisor 2.0/5

davidetmarieparis En couple - Avis TripAdvisor

Effectivement, ce n'est pas cher, mais il n'y a aucun service. Personne ne parle anglais, aucun renseignement donné, pas de carte de la ville. Et les chambres sont vieille et en pas tres bon etat. Le seul avantage est sa situation géographique

Cheap and Yet Favored by Teenagers

Note TripAdvisor 4.0/5

Leon L Professionnel - Avis TripAdvisor

I've lived in this hotel for over 20 days. All I have to say is that compared to hotels in other areas of Guangzhou, it's cheaper. Room rate is a little over 100 RMB/night. The rooms are a little narrow. However if you are living for a short time and dont have a high budget, this is a good choice. The rooms are generally clean. You may not want to choose the rooms at corners, which I think are a little smaller. There are restaurants around. A full street of food, of which most are local Guangzhou food and it's a really good choice in regard to eating. Transportation is not as convenient as those in main street, but as it's only one block away from that, it's good enough.


Note TripAdvisor 1.0/5

Un membre de Tripadvisor Chine Voyage solo - Avis TripAdvisor

广州的海友我住过3家,这家是体验最差的,比起另外两家(番禺和北京路),差距不是一点点。我认为如果房价在60元左右的话,我可以给4-5星,但高昂的房价与破旧的设施并不匹配。 主要的问题有这么一些: 1. 房间阴暗潮湿,非常大的潮味,采光差,灯光也不足,很憋; 2. 蚊子奇多无比; 3. 居然没有热水壶,不得不自己出去买了矿泉水; 4. 隔音较差,周围住户看电视的声音清晰可见; 5. 插座太少且设计不太合理,如果想用电脑并且给手机充电,那么就没有办法使用灭蚊器,如果想免收蚊子骚扰,那么就没法给手机充电; 6. 墙壁污渍多,地板破损严重; 7. 偶尔还有倾泻而下的流水,哗啦啦的响; 当然最主要的一点还是房价太高,如果在目前价格打五折,就不会有上述意见了。


Note TripAdvisor 3.0/5

Un membre de Tripadvisor Chine Voyage solo - Avis TripAdvisor


One of the worst

Note TripAdvisor 1.0/5

Meelin S Professionnel - Avis TripAdvisor

Good for the usual Chinese business "pleasures" but not so much if you are really into a purely casual stay. Cleanliness is very questionable plus receptionists are rude. It's not actually that cheap. With a bit more money, you could probably stay somewhere much better. It's only recommended if you are looking for a quick fix. I will not comment on the food....

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